Who Do Minnesota Liberals Hate, 2012 Edition: The Voting Continues!

Who do Minnesota Liberals hate?

Feel free to particpate in this vital sociological research through Monday night at 11:59PM!  Just leave your list of the top ten or so in the comment section (or email it to “feedbackinthedark@yahoo.com”), in order from most to least hated.

Results will start coming out on Tuesday.

Nominees so far are below the jump.

Nominees so far include (but are not limited to):

  • Alan Quist
  • Bob Davis
  • Bradlee Dean
  • Bridget Sutton
  • Chip Cravaack
  • Chris Fields
  • Dan McGrath
  • Dave Thompson
  • Ed Morrissey
  • Erik Paulsen
  • Gretchen Hoffman
  • Jason Lewis
  • Jen DeJournette
  • Joe Soucheray
  • John Gilmore
  • John Hinderaker
  • John Kline
  • Katherine Kersten
  • Katie Kieffer
  • Keith Downey
  • Kermit
  • Kurt Bills
  • Kurt Zellers
  • Laura Brod
  • Marianne Stebbins
  • Mary Franson
  • Michael Brodkorb
  • Michele Bachmann
  • MIchelle Benson
  • Mitch Berg (!)
  • Norm Coleman
  • Pat Anderson
  • Pat Garofalo
  • Paul Mirengoff
  • Sarah Palin
  • Scott Johnson
  • Steve Drazkowski
  • Sue Jeffers
  • Swiftee
  • Tea Party
  • Tim Pawlenty
  • Tom Emmer
  • Tom Hauser
  • Tony Sutton
  • Twila Brase
  • Walter Hudson

4 thoughts on “Who Do Minnesota Liberals Hate, 2012 Edition: The Voting Continues!

  1. As an SITD contributor, I suppose I better throw in my two cents…

    10. Jack Tomczak – most liberal blog devotees probably don’t even really know who he is, except by “reputation”, but his whole “harassment” issue earns him a spot for sure.
    9. Jason Lewis – MN’s “Mr. Right” would have been towards the top of the list 10 years ago. Now? Does anyone locally really listen to him much? His occasional op-ed pieces in the Strib place him in the top 10.
    8. Keith Downey – During the shutdown, the unions called their protests “Downeyville.” Not bad for a 2nd term legislator. Expect his name to rocket up this list if he runs for governor in 2014 as expected.
    7. Dan McGrath – Few probably know who Dan McGrath is, but many do know about MN Majority. And that’s enough for this list.
    6. Kurt Zellers – The GOP Speaker of the MN House should earn some hate as evidenced by the House DFL hammering away at the 2011 shutdown.
    5. Katherine Kersten – Consistently forgets the golden rule of token conservative journalists; you’re supposed to bash your own side.
    4. Tom Emmer – Not only did Emmer not have the decency to lose by a wide margin but he tried to teach at Hamline. How dare he!
    3. Chip Cravaack – To the DFL, Cravaack’s election was like the opening scene from “Raiders of the Lost Ark” where Indy steals the golden idol and liberals have been chasing him with poison darts ever since.
    2. Brandlee Dean – If liberals wanted to be mad at conservatives who have an actual impact on MN politics (or among those who have a real following), Dean wouldn’t even be on a Top 50 list. But he’s the latest local boogeyman/strawman to be used. Honestly though, having him do the Invocation at the legislature was one of the dumbest things I’ve seen our side do in years.
    1. Michele Bachmann – ’nuff said.

  2. Ringer,

    Pretty close to my own list, as befits a member of the editorial board.

  3. Michelle Bachman seems to make their heads explode. Most everyone else seems to me to be distant also-rans.

  4. Without giving away too much, the polling is pretty unambiguous so far.

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