I’m Sure There’s A Rational Explanation

Found Wednesday’s Stillwater Gazette story about candidates filling in the Stillwater and Washington County area; I’ll add some emphasis:

In District 4, U.S. Rep Betty McCollum is challenged in the Democratic primary by Diana Longrie and Brian Stalboerger. The winner of that race faces Republican Ron Seiford and Independence Party hopeful Steve Carlson.


Missing someone?

The GOP’s endorsed candidate is Anthony Hernandez, who b eat Seiford 195-5 in the endorsing convention.  Seiford is going to take that seething pot for Ronmentum to the primary this August, not that anyone cares.

Now, I’ve always believed in Hanlon’s Razor – never chalk up to malice what might better be explained by laziness, overwork, under attention or whatever.

I’ve notified the editor.  We’ll see if there’s a correction today.

What this does tell us is that we Republicans in the Fourth CD have to have our own media.  Please “follow” Tony on Twitter.  Check out his website.  If you can donate a few bucks, or volunteer, so much the better.

The Fourth CD is always a long shot.  But via a combination of…:

  • Redistricting making the district a lot more competitive
  • Betty being a terrible candidate
  • Tony being a great candidate
  • All of that “Ron Paul” energy boinging around the 4th CD
  • All those Stillwater and Washington County people who are wondering what Betty was thinking, voting against the new bridge…

…this is actually doable.  Provided we get a 150% effort from everyone, of course.

3 thoughts on “I’m Sure There’s A Rational Explanation

  1. What’s with the scare quotes around the first name of “Dick” as in Dick Franson? Dick is the nickname for Richard. For you youngsters out there, names like ‘Dick’, words like ‘gay’ and phrases like ‘go down’ once didn’t have any sexual meaning. Now the President has to try and understand the titters of laughter among supposed adults at the Hollywood LGBT gathering when he notes that a talk show host complained that the First Lady didn’t “go down” as far as she did in some push up contest they had on the show. (Heh, heh- he said ‘titters’.)

  2. Seflores;

    This simply explains the juvenile intellect of the liberat.

  3. You’re going to need that 150%. Betty’s folks will make sure there’s a 110% voter turnout.

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