They Needed More Giant Papier-Maché Puppets

It’s been my theory for a few years now that there are things young “progressives” in liberal cesspools like Madison, Macalester and the U of M never really learn.

One of them is how to debate; since they all go straight from high school through their college years with no real challenges to their lefty preconceptions, they seem to have the debating skills of junior high kids.

Another?  How to take a hit gracefully.  When you have no concept of what it means not to be in power, you have no idea what even the most minimal adversity – losing a political campaign – feels like.

And you react like these icons of the progressive <i>id</i>:

I’ve met libs like “Thistle Petterson” in Saint Paul; so full of intellectual entitlement they can’t comprehend, much less live with, the notion that they don’t own the world politically.

I won’t say this video makes the whoooole thing worthwhile – but it is a nice mental after-dinner mint.

9 thoughts on “They Needed More Giant Papier-Maché Puppets

  1. Things like this just worry me, because I know that there are probably about 6 million more of these mental midgets out there!

  2. I’ve seen Thistle and her compatriots in the drum circle elsewhere on the internets over the last day or so and I keep thinking of this line from “Animal House”… “I think that this situation absolutely requires a really futile and stupid gesture be done on somebody’s part.”

  3. Nice of her to brow beat the bus driver. I’m sure she convinced him that he shouldn’t have called the election when he did.

  4. Is that Seeuueentee’s girlfriend? Not that there is anything wrong with that.

    Reminds me of a joke… So this gay, lesbian, & pederast start a blog…


  5. So their complaint is that the network, after the polls were closed, made their guess of who the winner was. And the actual count matched the guess?

    Since the polls were closed, no actual voters were influenced. And we all know that “concessions” by a candidate can be withdrawn if the actual count gets close (see Gore, Al.)

    They would have a complaint with some merit if the polls were still open, but not in this instance. Heck they should be happy with all the free cheerleading that CNN gave them before the polls closed.

  6. “Who are these people? They’re not even from around here!” (1:33) Uh, like the busloads of union “volunteers” from Illinois, Iowa, Ohio, Minnesota? Like those people?
    Would Thistle be giving a definite “Down twinkles” to CNN?
    Oh, the shame! Oh, the horrors!

  7. I think Thistle should loosen those pigtails. It does not appear that she receives sufficient blood circulation to her brain.

    I’d like to see Thistle as a contestent on Jeopardy, competing against two papier mache puppets.

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