Just One More Try

To the Strib editorial board, DFL policy is like that ’87 Taurus you’ve been driving since ’92., on a very cold morning.  Just keep cranking the thing between pumping the gas and eventually – your almost-superstitious faith in that old beater tells you – it’s gonna start.

I was going to write something to that effect.  Joe Doakes beat me to it:

Democrats think Minnesotans should turn government over to Democrats, Star Trib’s main editorial [yesterday].

Nothing like thinking in the precise geometrical center of the box to solidly nail all your hopes to the failed policies of the past.

Joe Doakes

Como Park

And if you whack on the steering wheel, sometimes that helps, too…

2 thoughts on “Just One More Try

  1. Well, of course Mitch! We all know that it is silly to believe that us peons can spend our money better than the gubmint can! Just ask Larry Pogostick!

  2. Thissen is angling for a job as a staff writer for the Strib, methinks.

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