The District, Part III: Shut Up, He Explained

Last week, I asked – what role should a Congressional District GOP committee and administration have when it comes to assisting its associated Congressional District’s congressional candidate, as well as its various BPOUs’ legislative races?

Yesterday morning, I went over some of the feedback I’d gotten.  And yesterday at noon, we looked at an email by newly-elected 4th CD GOP chairman John Kysylyczyn which seems to mean that he thinks that, as regards the district’s various races, there really is no role – and that, in Kysylyczyn’s own words, “To be frank, it does not matter if we are up to any particular speed for this fall’s elections…I sat down the first week on the job and read the state and CD constitutions and the bylaws. My analysis is strictly based off of those documents”.

In writing this series, I wrote to Kysylyczyn to ask him what he, the chairman, thought the role of the 4th CD in fact was.  His response:  “I read your blog and with all due respect, it didn’t rise to a journalistic standard where I would feel comfortable participating”.   Further:  “Because I own a print newspaper, maybe my standards are unreasonable high, but they are my standards and I would ask for your understanding”.

Are Kysylyczyn’s standards as a print newspaper owner too high (he owns the Anoka County Recorder, a paper that prints public notices, syndicated copy and press releases)?  Are mine too low?

Maybe he’ll answer questions for the mere peasants who live and work and try to support a party in the 4th CD?

UPDATE:  Yesterday, on the CD4 Facebook page and website, it was announced that the district will have its first full committee meeting, on June 11.

What else do you notice about the CD4 website/blog?

16 thoughts on “The District, Part III: Shut Up, He Explained

  1. What else do you notice about the CD4 website/blog?

    I notice that the chair is a moron. If he thinks he’ll get a fairer shake from “professional journalists” than from bloggers, he’s delusional at best.

  2. I look forward to the item on the district website stating that district chairmanin is HARD!

    I mean like we have to do stuff and stuff….You cant just show up and vote for Paulbots and be considered effective?

    Maybe if you had a mailer Mitch your standards would be high enough.

  3. Whole lot of stuff suddenly posted on 5/21. Prior to that nothing from 5/5 on.

    Whole lot of mentions of the district chairman’s name in the article titles.

  4. Kysylyczyn complains that the e-mail exchange has been unfairly and inaccurately handled. He also says he won’t comment publicly. Fine.

    How about a nice phone conversation between the two of you; John can explain how the e-mail failed to convey what he meant to say and Mitch can promise to publish the explaination verbatim.

    I’m a uniter.

  5. Mr. Kysylyczyn seems like just the man to finally put the MNGOP out of its misery in CD4. Mitch, could you explain how someone like this gets into a position of power in the party? Who is this guy? (besides a clueless jerk)

  6. Swiftee,

    I’m open to whatever it takes to settle this.

    The “email exchange” involved four or five emails each way.

    I haven’t read his entire post, but if he says it was “inaccurate” and “unfair”, I may just have to publish the entire email exchange.

    People don’t have to agree with me. But I strive for nothing but accuracy and fairness.

    Especially within a GOP that I’ve worked to try to advance.

  7. To answer the question above, the only requirement is absolute allegiance to Ron Paul.

    Even having a restraining order for beating you wife is no reason for Marianne to not back you as a delegate.

    Just as long as you back Ron Paul.

    The CD leadership and Ron Paul leadership will have you back.

    (Maybe to help remove the 5 year old son who was trying to protect his mother why the Ron Paul delegate beat her).

  8. To: Just a mom.
    I am the former Chair that John defeated. He ambushed me in the final hour before the Chair election. I would have preferred to lose after a frank and robust debate over the course of a month or two about the role of CD4, but…. it is what it is.

  9. So “CD4 Chair John Kysylyczyn” won’t talk to bloggers or participate in social media? That fine: if you’re weak on message control and realise it, compensate elsewhere I guess.

    What I am curious about is this: why wouldn’t he make clear what role the CD4 will play under his leadership to any and all who care to ask? Is that really a secret that only professional journalists should get to know? It just seems like something a leader could put on a congressional district blog and be done with it. *shrug*

  10. I notice that the CD4 website has essentially zero content and is “under new management” or maybe under construction. Peculiarly absent is the CD4 Constitution, which the new Chair seems intent on ignoring.

  11. “What else do you notice about the CD4 website/blog?”
    That the internet may run out of consonants if the GOPCD4 Chair mentions his name in the 3rd person anymore?

  12. One thing I noticed is that Michelle Bachmann of Iowa and Switzerland could have changed the “dynamic” of CD4 but she lacked the courage to do so, much less show up at the Statewide GOP Convention. What a bag.

  13. One thing I noticed is that Michelle Bachmann of Iowa and Switzerland could have changed the “dynamic” of CD4 but she lacked the courage to do so, much less show up at the Statewide GOP Convention. What a bag.

    She’s in the 6th CD. Wouldn’t have been her bailiwick in the first place. But your continuing obsession with Bachmann is noted.

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