A Remedy

Joe Doakes from Como Park writes:

Delta Airlines (which bought Northwest) is stationing older, smaller jets in Minneapolis so they can use their bigger, fancier jets elsewhere around the country.

The article quotes a guy from the Metropolitan Airports Commission, a frequent flier from West Publishing, and an Economics Professor at the U of M who discusses in-flight entertainment. All are appalled at the change.

The implication is the government ought to FORCE Delta to base nicer airplanes here, which is the typical solution for the Strib. But it’s frustrating that the entire article misses the obvious free-market solution. How stupid are these people?

And how stupid do they think WE are?

The answer to those last two questions is just too depressing.

5 thoughts on “A Remedy

  1. whoa dude!

    its so inconvenient to vote with your feet….I mean these are entitled people and the gubbermint should let them fly the nice jets on Delta rather than the scrubs.

  2. I know what he’s talking about. A friend recently flew from NYC to LA and they had a hot tub, a disco ball and a Jackson Brown “unplugged” concert.

    Why not us?

  3. Welcome to my world. I live in Memphis and beside high airfares, Delta keeps reducing service. Having a mega-legacy carrier using your airport as a hub can be a 2 sided sword and sometimes it cuts on both sides,

    If Delta does to us what they did to CVG and decimates the hub, I’ll say good riddance. The market here really can’t sustain a big hub, but it sure can for a low cost carrier or 2.

    Ain’t capitalism grand?

  4. The last flight that I took outta here was Southwest to Midway. When I lived in TX, I flew them any chance I could. Despite their cattle car seating, I still think that they are the most efficient carrier going!

  5. Read the comments to that article. My god, the whining. It sounds like a crowd of preschoolers in there.


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