Untamed Harte

Mike “Mikementum” Mosedale of the City Pages writes about the Strib sale and, mainly bloggers reactions to it, with a Cnote about the new publisher:

Not to be a buzzkiller, but it appears the personal politics of new Avista head honcho Chris Harte should meld quite nicely with those of the current Strib regime.

Tangent here: So does this mean that Mosedale is breaking with the common saw among local far-lefty medioids and activists – the City Pages’ base – that the Strib is really a conservative front organization?

Harte, who is expected to assume the role of chairman of the board at the Strib, is a longtime Democrat.

Yeah, I don’t think a lot of us on the right hold out much “buzz” for a reform of the Strib from within. I suspect the vast majority of us think that, at most, being owned by a private VC firm rather than a firm that participates in the noxious conceit that newspapers are a monastic order with a higher calling just might make the changes in the news market swing back and smack the newsroom a bit more directly. That a VC company might look at incidents like this a little more sensibly than did McClatchy.

Or at least gut the editorial board like a fish.

A few years ago, he contemplated a run against Susan Collins, the moderate Republican Senator from Maine, and since 2000, he has contributed more than $37,000 to assorted Democratic candidates and causes.

Good information…

…which Brian had a solid day or two earlier, not to mention Ed’s very complete listing.

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