Stop The Wobbling

Sources at the Capitol tell me that the Employee Freedom Act – the proposed Right to Work Amendment – is in trouble.

The sources tell me the House GOP caucus leadership is going wobbly, and some caucus members are nervous about the money the unions say they’re going to bring to bear.

It’s time to call your House GOP caucus and its members, especially if you’re a constitiuent.  Encourage them to support the amendment.  Polls show the people support Right to Work by a significant margin.

Fortune favors the bold – and the DFL noise machine will play this like a victory they earned.

House GOP Caucuse:  Please stop the wobbling.

9 thoughts on “Stop The Wobbling

  1. I have no Republican representative. I have no mouth and I must scream. To make matters worse, both my rep and state senator have professional ties to the teacher’s unions.

    Perhaps I’ll write my US Senators. Or my governor. Oops, forgot. When you say ‘stop wobbling,’ you presume we all have legs to stand on.

  2. “The sources tell me the House GOP caucus leadership is going wobbly, and some caucus members are nervous about the money the unions say they’re going to bring to bear.”

    I’m really beginning to think they just don’t get it! It seems they’re determined to turn victory into defeat……sigh!

  3. Crap! I spoke with one of Geoff Michel’s assistants last week and she told me that he was in full support of Right to Work. He better not be wobbling, but I’ll call him again and email him to make sure!

  4. I just don’t understand why our Republican representatives want to appear so weak all the time.

  5. A few weeks back, I was listening to The NARN, when either Mitch or Ed referred to union dues as ‘job ransom’. I thought, ‘That’s a very good description. Our side should run with that’.

    I want to see the unionistas/D.F.L.B.S. machine back on THEIR heels for a change.

  6. I followed through with my earlier comments and emailed Senator Michel.

    Not that it will do any good, but I also sent an email to that traitor Bill Ingebrigtsen to express my displeasure with his stance and urged him to either reconsider and vote for the bill or recuse himself for conflict of interest. He helped organize a police union early in his career. Of course, I won’t hold my breath waiting for that to happen. I was respectful, but I asked him to show the guts and fortitude of his GOP colleagues across the country, like those in WI, that are suffering insults, threats and vandalism. I closed by stating that although I wasn’t one of his constituents and couldn’t vote for him, I can contribute to any challenger that runs against him. Too much?

  7. The unions ran a huge expensive campaign in Wisconsin to recall the GOP legislators, they are now spending millions to recall Gov Walker, and I seem to remember several other high profile, high dollar amount efforts to try to stop the bleeding of union decline. Despite our assumptions, the unions only have a finite amount of money to spend, and lots of places it needs to be spent in.

    Seems to me that the GOP going wobbly on Right To Work is like the conservatives who said Reagan was nuts for trying to spend the Soviet Union into debt over the arms race.

  8. I emailed my rep, Mary Kiffmeyer, a couple of hours ago and asked that she support the Employee Freedom Act. Pure MN Nice, no threats, just a request.

    She responded, “I’m the author. Will that do?”.

    D’oh! That’ll do nicely, ma’am. 😉

  9. Desperately seeking affirmation, I read this story to my dog and she sat up and wagged her tail, cocked her head and barked. I believe this means I presented a persuasive case, but it could just means she wants to poop. It’s a better response than I get from my DFL legislators.

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