This Hits Us All Like A Car Crash

I just got the news that Chris Tiedeman – political PR guru extraordinaire, and a  longtime friend of this blog – and his wife Sara were involved in a “serious” car accident last night.

Sara and Chris

There are painfully few details.

I’ll ask for your prayers, karmic imprecations, best wishes or whatever your world views call for.

4 thoughts on “This Hits Us All Like A Car Crash

  1. Prayers and supportive thoughts for their pain — and for your worry for them. Hoping very much your next update will be news they’re receiving good care and recovering well.

  2. Did you check that smarmy, insincere bit of pap with David Frum, Ms. Mongrel?

    Either way, I doubt if Chris would mind very much if I told you to stuff it in his absense.

  3. is it just me or does the “sympathy” DG professes just come across as hollow and shallow, and best wishes to them. I hope they make a full and speedy recovery.

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