Maybe It Was A Bad Day

The Twin Cities media has been painstakingly buffing and spit-shining Senator Amy Klobuchar’s reputation as “the nice Senator” – not just in terms of being uncontroversial, but just plain personable.

And if you meet her at a DFL event, or at the fair, surrounded by her staff and on point, she sure can seem like a nice enough person.

But Luke Matthews at True North has an example against the narrative, and begs to differ:

“We went to Senator Klobuchar’s office. Her lackey at the desk told us she couldn’t meet with us.



Unfortunately for her, 50 veterans fill up the hallway in that area of the Senator’s office area, and her attempt to sneak down the hall unnoticed was a failure. We gathered around her and explained that we just wanted to talk to her. In a nasty tone, she said “I’m talking to you now, what do you want?” We were all wearing matching Vets for Freedom shirts, and we had scheduled this appointment with her, so ignorance is not an excuse for her behavior. She was nasty and vile to us. One of the concerns many of us who have been to Iraq had was the fate of the Iraqis we had come to know – decent men, women and children who just wanted to live their lives like we do. What would become of those who assisted the U.S. because of their desire for freedom, should Al Qaeda, Iran, and Al Sadr take over? Little miss “for the children” betrayed her liberal hypocrisy by saying that wasn’t her problem and we shouldn’t have gotten involved. When asked if that meant she would rather they were still being brutalized by Saddam, her only response was that we want the same things we just see them differently, or some similar political nothingspeak.”

We have been told, time and time again, that Democratic Senator Amy Klobuchar is one of the nicest, most caring, and most respectful people in the world. She’d just like to give the whole world a hug and make everything all better. She’s so popular, she can’t be beat because her genuine concern for her fellow man is so, well, endearing. Klobuchar is salt of the earth.

I believe this salt has lost its saltiness.

Put another way?  The narrator is off the narrative.

Now, I’m always a little leery of articles that try to draw big sweeping conclusions about someone’s personality based on a single, uncorroborated report.  It’d have been nice to get a video on this.  And I don’t vote for “nice people”; I care no more whether a Senator is a son of a bitch in person than I do if she’s black, gay or Moslem, as long as they’re limited-government free-market conservatives.  Which Amy Klobuchar, angry or nice, certainly is not.

Still, the same thing goes the other way; the media’s narrative about Klobuchar is just a tad too monolithic to be real.

But if this is true, and happened as portrayed above – and I’d love to see some corroboration – the Senator’s got some explaining to do.

5 thoughts on “Maybe It Was A Bad Day

  1. “Senator Amy Klobuchar’s reputation as “the nice Senator” ”


  2. Back off wingnuts! Sen Vanilla Fluff has only one interest group: Soon to be dead children. She is trying to set the record for sponsoring the most legislation named for dead children. So unless you can figure out a way to get those Iraqi children dead and she can pass a meaningless, unenforceable law to prevent future deaths – move on.

  3. soon to be dead american children, she could give a fuck about the dead kids in Iraq, Iran, North Korea, China, Syria, Afghanistan, etc

  4. I know it’s only an anecdote, but:

    A woman I went to high school with who is now a lawyer, put a status on FB regarding Sen Vanilla: I was overjoyed when she won her senate seat. Not because I supported her politics. No, it was because that got her out of the AG’s office and she could no longer hurt people.

    She didn’t say anything when I responded “No, she can’t hurt individuals anymore. Now that she’s senator, she can vote for destructive policies that hurt the entire country.”

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