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  1. I called, but not for your side.
    I’m sick of the ALEC legislation that is really about benefitting those who make the profits from the legislation.
    The bill does nothing good, and has terrible chances for bad outcomes.

    Other states have terrible records for issuing permits; Florida is only one of those that is godawful, including permits to felons, fugitives, etc. Their out of state issuing policy is terrible.

    I’d be willing to consider supporting this, if we ever got serious about supplying names to NICS. But we don’t.

  2. DG,

    You have just outdone yourself. EVERY SINGLE THING in your comment was wrong.

    Some of your points are exactly 180 degrees in error (ALEC? Profits? And please, right now, NAME the “chance of bad outcomes”, in your own words).

    Others – Florida’s “Felons” bit – are meaningless bits of information wrenched out of context.

    The closest you get to a fact is the NICS database – and that is utterly irrelevant to the actual issue at hand. The Dems and moderate GOP killed a version of this bill that would have increased Minnesota’s reporting.

    DG, with all due respect, your fabled “fact checking” – by looking for adherence to lefty chanting points – has hit a new low, below a bar that a tapeworm would have a hard time limboing under.

    Anyway, you managed it; a comment with no true, in-context or relevant fact whatsoever.


  3. For a little while there I was thinking DG only comes around here anymore to drop flaming bags of dog poop into eulogy comment threads, generating a series of response and counter-response that ruins the thread and disrespects the dead. (See the Joel Rosenberg thread).

    I’m glad she took the time to post this additional bit of addled excreta here for two reasons: one, so I can blast her sincerely insincere gargling in the Breitbart post here rather than there, and two, so that anyone who still thought she might be capable of coherent commentary can now lay that idea (or hope) to rest after reading that last comment.

  4. Doggy, I am convinced that you either off of your meds or need to be on some! Sheeesh! Get a life, will ya’?!

  5. DG,

    There is a question on the table. Please answer it.

    What are the “Bad Outcomes”. Please be specific, use your own words, and cite sources.

    Because I know this issue backwards, forwards and inside out. I can literally quote you chapter and verse, and stats nationwide, verbatim and from memory.

    And with all due respect, I am loudly and clearly calling bullshit on your entire comment.

  6. Bad outcomes: Criminals getting killed in a felonious act. Those are voters!

  7. Dog Gone said:

    “has terrible chances for bad outcomes”

    This is probably just Dog Gone being unclear in her want to be wrong, but “terrible chances” have got to be nearly insignificant, correct?

  8. DG is all against the killin’….unless the victim is under the age of 1 day…until then, it’s the bloodier, the better…right, ya mongrel?

  9. Oh, and BTW…that comment was standout stupid among a long list of stupid comments. I think your brain has shrunk even smaller than it was since you’ve been hiding under teh Peevee’s rock….I really didn’t think that was possible.

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