For Some Reason, This Never Worked When I Was In College

Craig Bannister in CNS news reports on the Georgetown Law School student’s frankly bizarre testimony yesterday:

Speaking at a hearing held by Pelosi to tout Pres. Obama’s mandate that virtually every health insurance plan cover the full cost of contraception and abortion-inducing products, Georgetown law student Sandra Fluke said that it’s too expensive to have sex in law school without mandated insurance coverage.

Forget for a moment that Georgetown is the province of this nation’s self-appointed “elite” – Ms. Fluke and her classmates are paying $23K plus fees per year, and it’s pretty much an upper-middle-class fiefdom.  We’re not talking Metro State, here.

No – it’s a school for this nation’s self-appointed “elite”.

And it shows in the frustrated Ms. Fluke’s testimony:

“Forty percent of the female students at Georgetown Law reported to us that they struggled financially as a result of this policy (Georgetown student insurance not covering contraception), Fluke reported.

It costs a female student $3,000 to have protected sex over the course of her three-year stint in law school, according to her calculations.

$3K for three years? $1K a year?  $80 a month?  $2.50 or so a day?

Numbers like these bespeak a career in Mark Ritchie’s State Department, or the DFL’s budget office.

That’s what your “elite” school tuition gets you these days.

And that’s what their graduates get you; you, Mr. Copier Repairman in Alexandria, will be paying for law students’ birth control.

And they, the future elite, would be paying for yours – except you’re working too hard to have any time for sex anymore anyway.

15 thoughts on “For Some Reason, This Never Worked When I Was In College

  1. This girl doesn’t realize it today, but one day she’s going to reflect on this testimony for Ms. Pelosi and be thoroughly embarrassed. But, then again, she just might be a lifelong democrat and NEVER understand why some of us believe her testimony is so childish and self-indulgent.

  2. You started it, Mitch, but let’s run the math on this:

    $2.50 a day? Condoms run less than a dollar per. You can find a two-month supply of the birth control Yaz for $60-80. An IUD is expensive at $200-$400 (including check-up costs) but that’s largely a one-time purchase.

    So either Sandra Fluke is being a tool or being exposed to tools three times a day, every day.

  3. And Georgetown is a Catholic university to boot.
    Santorum easily gets a rise out of the dimwits when he talks about contraception. (BTW, womyn? His words and thoughts can’t steal your ladyparts – look it up.) But as far as I know he has never advocated a government ban on the pill or condoms or any other preventive contraception even though members of his faith are called to not use these products.
    Here you have the government mandating, to a religious institution, that it provide products that religious institution finds abhorrent and against its teachings.
    Let a priest, rabbi or preacher speak in a public forum and lefty will scream ‘achtung! verboten!’ – there must be a seperation of church & state!’. Let the government dictate a state religion in the manner that this contraception mandate is being handed down and lefty is first on with the jackboots and demanding purity in the eyes of the government church.
    PS: Hey Mitch, have you got Ms Fluke’s number? It’s for a friend.

  4. I agree with David Gray. Red wine contains anti-oxidants. I’ll bill my next bottle of Lambrusco to HHS.

  5. $3K for contraception? Pretty busy gal, with that kind of “output” she probably doesn’t have much time or energy for learnin…….I guess that shows……probably $40K a year (room, board, tuition) and this is what they have to show……sheesh!!

  6. Why doesn’t she go to the hallowed halls of Planned Parenthood? $10 for birth control…

  7. What does she look like? I could fly out to Georgetown and teach her a few moves that will show were how to have sex without………okay, this isn’t my blog so I’ll leave it right there.

  8. But seriously. If there is nothing that gets my blood pressure up, its that rich white 1%ers at a top law school , people who will earn millions and milllions and millions of dollars over the course of their careers, have to pay for their own birth control.

    There really is no justice in this world.

  9. Somehow I seem to remember the bars around campus handing out condoms for free. While it would be refreshing if that were no longer the case, I’m thinking that (a) this law student is yet another in a long list of future lawyers who cannot do math or (b) if she’s putting out this way, there is a good possibility she could graduate without student loans if she put her mind (or other body parts) to it.

    And, of course, (c) Georgetown needs to remember its historically Catholic mission and suggest Ms. Fluke might do well to find education elsewhere, and (looking at her picture) (d) it seems that there are some pretty desperate guys (?) in DC.

    And (e) didn’t law school used to require a bit of “studying”?

  10. That’s $23,000 per semester for tuition and fees, plus another $5,000 per semester for housing (on campus). Then there is the premier student health plan which is $1,895 per semester. Wonder if that provides coverage for consequence-free boinking?

  11. you guys are missing the point, in a way this is great. I mean who wants law students procreating

  12. “I want my MTV” is so 80’s. Now it’s “I want my IUD.” Get with it, you fogies.

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