That’s Why It’s Called A “Cycle”…

…rather than a “straight line“:

Three years ago the choices for entry-level buyers like Sarah Kiefer were so meager that with a budget of just $120,000 she all but gave up on buying a house.

The down market revived that dream.

This week, Kiefer will close on a Colonial-style fixer-upper in north Minneapolis with 1,800 square feet and a fireplace for $75,000.

Which, eventually and more or less inevitably, brings values (aka prices) back up again.

Just keep that in mind when you read the big-money-backed gloom and doom industry’s broken record proclamations of doom (which will supposedly stop the moment Barack Obama hypothetically gets inaugurated…).

2 thoughts on “That’s Why It’s Called A “Cycle”…

  1. Haha! So you think Obama campaign’s responsible for making up the bad economic news? Heck, they’re the only ones hiring!

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