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  1. I can’t possibly imagine the grief that parents feel at the loss of one child, let alone two. What strikes me right at the heart is that these parents, consider the grief of others, too. One a related note, this was a horrific disaster, yet, in the midst of it all, the Japanese people patiently waited their turn for disaster supplies, helped and shared with others, thereby illustrating what a true civilized society is. I can just about imagine the chaos that would have resulted had this tsunami hit the left coast!

  2. There is a semi-abandoned cemetary in Western Wisconsin. One of the tombstones there is for 3 daughters in one family. They died in roughly 2 week intervals one spring in the 1880s. In the years before vaccines and modern medical care, life was very hard for our early settlers.

  3. Chuck, my dad grew up in a small farming town in Southwestern MN and the cemetery there also has some of those plots from the pioneer days. My uncle is also buried there. He died in infancy from whooping cough in the mid 1930’s.

  4. I recently had occasion to look at the wikipedia article on David Niven, and found this, which seemed totally on point:

    …Niven remained close-mouthed about the war, despite public interest in celebrities in combat and a reputation for storytelling. He said once: “I will, however, tell you just one thing about the war, my first story and my last. I was asked by some American friends to search out the grave of their son near Bastogne. I found it where they told me I would, but it was among 27,000 others, and I told myself that here, Niven, were 27,000 reasons why you should keep your mouth shut after the war”.

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