The Occupy movement is still looking for the big moment that the media – who are still largely sympathetic – can flog into an epochal, or at least society-altering, event.  It’s called a “Kent State Moment” – which, as Zombie at Pajamas Media notes…:

…when modern liberal pundits wish for an OWS “Kent State moment,” they’re not wishing for fatalities, but rather for the appearance of that one photograph which will reverberate around the world and forever establish the Occupiers as oppressed victims. It is the photograph, not the shootings, that is the “Kent State moment.”


The "Kent State Moment".

The Dorothea Lange Moment

So far, they haven’t got it — not for want of trying. For the last several days The San Francisco Chronicle has helpfully featured a slide show of nominees on its Web site to hopefully stir up interest in one or another iconic martyr image, but so far, no Occupy photos have quite caught on, Kent State-style.

And here in Minneapolis, with our city’s long tradition of great regional theatre (and all the would-be actors that that scene draws to the city)?

On Saturday, a group of “occupiers” went to the former (?) home of a U of M lecturer that’s been foreclosed for some time now, and, um, “occupied” it.  The police responded.  And as the first serious snow of the season fell, one of the dimmer bulbs among the “occupiers” decided to stand in the path of one of the cop cars.

The cop opted to give the lad a nudge (as opposed to jumping from his car and cuffing him then and there which, to be fair, was what the young buck was looking for):

Twitter glowed all weekend with reports that a cop had “tried to run an Occupier down with his car”, and “attacked” him with a “lethal weapon”.

7 thoughts on “Auditions

  1. At UC Davis an overzealous cop pepper sprayed a group of protesters sitting on a sidewalk. Wow, the lefties have got their undies in a bunch over that. Stupid move by the cop? Absolutely. Does it justify more prime time footage of Occupy protests? I don’t see why. They haven’t communicated much beyond the fact that the world (in their view) hasn’t treated them fairly. Author/attorney Scott Turow has proposed a constitutional amendment stating:

    “The Congress and the States shall regulate the direct and indirect expenditure of private funds on the electoral process in order to ensure that no group, entity or individual exercises unequal influence on an election by those means.”

    I love how he doesn’t define “unequal influence” and leaves it to whoever is in power to decide it. Talk about a recipe for totalitarianism!

    Scott is a great writer….of FICTION

  2. The Milwaukee chief of police (who is a lefty, or so the local conservatives say) refused to arrest the occupy folks when they were blocking a bridge. He said that they wanted to be arrested so they could be “martyrs” and he wasn’t going to give them that. And I’m sure he knows that they are experts a suing cities and police departments, so he let them freeze their asses on this bridge.

  3. Kudos to the Milwaukee chief then. Beating, pepper-spraying or water-cannoning these imbeciles is giving them what they want. Restraint = don’t feed the trolls.

  4. I like how the woman said he’s literally running him over! no he was nudging him, I think that was handled well by the cops. Also props to the Milwaukee police chief, I hope that the occupiers try to do something dumb like that here when its
    -20F out. Let them get hypothermia

  5. I love how he doesn’t define “unequal influence” and leaves it to whoever is in power to decide it. Talk about a recipe for totalitarianism!
    Note that the limit only applies to private, not public funds. That would be the government deciding what speech and how much speech may be used by people who want to defend or reform government policy.
    We all know that the government, its office holders, bureaucrats, and employees, never engage in self-interested behavior like private companies do.

  6. Oh, they’ll get their moment. Even if they have to manufacture it a la Enderlin’s Al-Dura hoax.

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