A Family Matter

Not a lot of updates in last week’s case in Minneapolis, where a “good samaritan” with a carry permit chased 23 year old Darren Evanovich after seeing Evanovich “pistol-whipping” a 53 year old woman in the parking lot of a grocery store.  Evanovich, so the story goes, ran and then turned and pointed a gun at the samaritan, who allegedly shot Evanovich dead.

Earlier this week, several Twin Cities media outlets – WCCO-TV, KSTP-TV, Rick Kupchella’s “Bring Me The News”, and Bob Collins’ column at MPR – all ran stories featuring Evanovich’s mother and sisters complaining that it was wrong that a citizen shot their son/brother – that the Samaritan should have called the police (without mentioning the allegations that Evanovich had pointed a lethal weapon at the Samaritan).

One of Evanovich’s other sisters apparently got a little more involved in the case:

Tuesday police arrested the sister of a robber who was shot and killed by a witness last week.

Officers believe Octavia Marberry was with her brother, Darren Evanovich at the time of the robbery at Cub Foods on 26th Avenue South last Thursday.

Marberry is facing charges of aiding and abetting her brother.

One of the sisters has apparently started a facebook page, “Justice For Darren Evanovich“.  Someone whose comments got deleted from that page started another, “Darren Evanovich Got Justice“, in response.  They’re both about as depressing as you might expect.

7 thoughts on “A Family Matter

  1. “He was a victim.”
    “He got what was coming to him.”
    “He was a victim.”
    “He got what was coming to him.”
    “He was a victim.”
    “He got what was coming to him.”
    “He was a victim.”
    “He got what was coming to him.”
    “He was a victim.”
    “He got what was coming to him.”

    Depressing, or simply inevitable?

  2. There’s some talk that there may have been a 3rd person involved in the armed robbery.

  3. Sorry, Mitch. The loss of this piece of human filth just saves people in the future from being attacked…or murdered.

  4. MyGov,

    While I don’t disagree that Mr. Evanovich may not have had the best life prognosis, as a parent I can’t do the end-zone happy dance when someone’s kid is killed, even if it’s justifiable, even if (and we don’t know this was a fact) she was the worst mother ever, and no matter how personally inappropriate I think his siblings’ response may be.

    Part of it is having raised kids, and seen how easily a parent’s best efforts can go awry. Part of it is that’s just what I believe. Christ forgave us; I certainly should too.

    Which doesn’t mean I’m packing the guns away.

  5. Anyone else having issues getting to “Darren Evanovich Got Justice”? Seems like it may have been closed/deleted.

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