Just Good Neighbors

Joe Doakes from Como Park writes that the group “occupying” the square at Henco Gov’t Center tomorrow will be running rampant:

Well, not rampant. The County will provide portable toilets and bike racks. Alcohol is banned, smoking is allowed on sidewalks only, tents are still being negotiated.

These people fancy themselves the heirs to Kent State or Tiananmen Square – rebels, risking all sticking it to The Man. They might as well be Kiwanis.

Joe Doakes

Como Park

Or, y’know, Republicans.

7 thoughts on “Just Good Neighbors

  1. And provide their own portable toilets and bike racks. I guess it’s ok to accept charity from the people you are protesting against.

  2. Wait just a minute. I thought that the environazis got smoking on the grounds of any MN government facility. Are they going to stand in the streets and block traffic? Also, I can’t wait until the Vikings game is over on Sunday and people are trying to exit downtown. While we’re tailgating, I hope some of those miscreants come over and try to mooch food, because we know it’s going to happen.

  3. Man, my batting average is bad today. Insert “banned” after faclity in my previous post.

  4. My prediction is the free food donated by unions and the Daytons will be a magnet for the downtown homeless. Should be an interesting mix.

  5. I was driving around downtown Minneapolis just before dusk. I went by the Hennepin Government Center. There were a lot of disheveled people a the Henn Plaza but I noticed a lot of other disheveled looking people downtown and on the West Bank.

    Turns out Saturday evening was the “Zombie Pub Crawl” http://zombiepubcrawl.com/2011/

    It is difficult to tell the creative revelers from the protesters!

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