Open Letter to Ms. Sensitivity

To: Molly Priesmeyer, Rent-a-Blogger and Snark-Minx

From:  Mitch Berg, Unpaid Hack

Re:  John McCain’s Teeth.

Ms. P,

 I realized that I said that I’d try to contact you the next time I had a question about your coverage of an event.  And since the Sorosphere is suddenly all afroth over the state of Senator McCain’s teeth (that’s why we go to the Sorosphere; all that cogent analysis!), it’d be a good time to ask you…

…except your email address doesn’t seem to be anywhere on the MNMon’s (really, really badly-designed) site.

Sorry.  Pinky swear, I tried!

So anyway, here’s my question:  When you copy and paste a line that 5,000 other leftybloggers write:

If bloggers are saying one thing about John McCain this week it’s that the 71-year-old has some serious grit. Of course, that grit comes in the form of McCain Mouth, a deformity that apparently causes teeth to look like a mess of yellowed and contorted Chiclets. Today, has picked up on the mouth meme, turning McCain’s piano-key chompers into an official phenomenon.

The consensus? “They’re old.”

Well, not nearly as old as the Senator is. 

Because – you do realize this, don’t you, Ms. Priesmeyer? – Senator McCain had a bunch of his teeth broken off at the gumline while he was being held as a POW.  Which, of course, can set a guy up for a whole lifetime o’ dental hurt. 

But you didn’t know that – right?  If you’d known that, you’d never, ever have written such a deeply, disturbingly dumb piece.  Right? 

Seriously – please plead ignorance. I’d like to know that even the MNMon has a level below which even they won’t sink – although reason tells me my faith is probably misplaced.

While looks are an easy and lame target,

[Being more mature than he used the be, the writer bites his tongue at the too-easy retort, knowing he’s a better person for it] 

 it’s at least refreshing to see McCain’s teeth get a razzing (though, unfortunately, not a cleaning). It gets a little tiring listening to the same sexist cries that Hillary Clinton is just too ugly to be president. Hatin’ on the looks of all the candidates? Now that’s equality!

No, that’s just stupid and sophomoric.  Dinging Senator Clinton on her looks is stupid and sexist.  Ripping Senator McCain for the appearance of a mouth that had the living sh*t beaten out of it by NVA goons is its own punishment, at least among people with consciences.

Glad to see Steve Perry’s bringing some professionalism to the good ol’ MNMon!

UPDATE:  Brodkorb is even less-amused:

This is really disgusting attack on Senator McCain and Minnesota Monitor should be embarrassed

Michael has more faith in Steve Perry than I do. 

UPDATED UPDATE: I’m gratified to see that the lefties in Brodkorb’s comment section are even more cheesed-off than the rest of us. 

RE-UPDATED UPDATE:  Mo’N @ Jo’T has the photoshop of the day.

UP-UPDATED UP-UPDATE:  I never actually put Minnesota Monitor on my blogroll, so I can’t remove it in a fit of pique.  I’m considering adding it for about five minutes, so I can gas it. 


30 thoughts on “Open Letter to Ms. Sensitivity

  1. You seem to have a masochistic bent, Mitch. Reading this crap is punishment of it’s own making.

  2. I’m atoning for something really terrible in my youth.

    No, for some reason I put MNMon on my feed-reader. And I could hardly believe my eyes when I saw this.

  3. As I’ve said before, the difference between MinMon and Eva’s sites is diminishing. That’s what happens when you take marginally qualified extremist partisans and pay them to be attack weasels.

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  5. “Ideas?”

    1. Put MiniMoni in your blog roll but have it link to Minnpost. They’re a bit sensitive about that.

    2. Put Jo’T into your blog roll and leave it.

  6. That’s terrible. Normally I get a kick out of how MM makes the righties sh*t their Dockers in murderous rage, but this is very tasteless and insulting to an honorable and heroic American.

  7. The left seems to have a hard time attacking the “maverick Republican”. So far, the reasons we shouldn’t vote for JMac are:

    A) He is mean (like Franken)
    B) He is insane
    C) He is old

    That’s the best they can come up with. Want to make a list of reasons not to vote for sHillary or O’Bama? It will be longer and have more substance then the above.

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  9. There’s also the fact that he wants to turn Iraq into The Hundred Years War, Chuckwagon. And that he likes Bush more than Ron Jeremy does.

  10. fact

    You need to put scare quotes around that.

    that he wants to turn Iraq into The Hundred Years War,

    In the same sense that Germany and Japan were “Sixty Years Wars”.

    Wow, Clown – since when did you start parroting the DNC?

  11. MM makes the righties sh*t their Dockers in murderous rage

    Where “Murderous rage” = mirthful mocking
    “sh*t their dockers” = “shake our heads and realize it’s getting to the point where mockery is almost unseemly”.

  12. Wow, Clown – since when did you start parroting the DNC?

    You mean he hasn’t been? The level of snark out of the two is close to the same when it comes to the GOP.

    Still, give the clown a few points. He knew Hillary’s true nature, unlike some of the even less thoughtful DNC members.

  13. You just don’t get it Mitch.

    Not only is Pressmyer NOT ashamed, deep in her shriveled little heart she believes that McCain *deserved* every thing he got.

    After all, to her and her ilk, he was a jackbooted sturmtroopen crushing helpless, peaceful Communist patriots. If you think the Sockpuppets will take that post down, you’re deluded, they expect an award….and they very well may get it.

    We’re dealing with leftists here Mitch, like I keep saying: they’re trash.

  14. AC, you might want to look up the Hundred Years War for context. I don’t think that war was what you seem to think it was.

    (For one, it was plural.)

  15. You mean “possessive,” not “plural,” Baddaboob. As in “Hundred Years’ War.” And Angryclown was writing a clever one-liner, not a high school history essay comparing the Iraq War to a series of late-Medieval conflicts over succession to the French throne.

    Angryclown wonders why he bothers sometimes. You are clearly not up to the intellectual mark.

  16. No, AC… I mean plural as in wars. (And don’t pat yourself on the back too hard, it was not very clever.)

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