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As center-right bloggers across Minnesota are documenting, there is a nationwide astroturf effort to skew Minnesota’s redistricting process in favor of the DFL – essentially to try to make DFL seats districts disproportionally powerful and to ignore the real demographic changes that have happened since the last redistricting effort.

Conservatives need to wake up – and pass the word to other conservatives that they need to wake up and pay attention; if 1990 didn’t teach you the lesson that redistricting isn’t just for wonks anymore, nothing will.

With that in mind, we’ll have two very special guests on the Northern Alliance from1-3PM on Saturday, on a broadcast where we’re going to devote some extra time to the subject.

More later this week.

1 thought on “Saturday On The NARN

  1. File over to my website to see what type of mischief the DFL’s shadow minions are plotting. ESPECIALLY check out Communist Causes’ congressional district maps at this link:

    John kline & Michele Bachmann in the same district? The 6th is an open seat? Seriously?

    BTW, the ‘Preachers of Transparency & Accountability’ didn’t post the map on their website so I published it on mine.

    Finally, it’s interesting that the people at Common Cause MN & the League of Women Voters MN are the people behind Draw the Line Minnesota. This accusation is written on their website:

    Historically, redistricting has been done out of the public eye, without meaningful public input, and used to dilute the voting power of communities of color.

    What proof do Common Cause MN & the League of Women Voters have that substantiates that accusation? Doesn’t that sound alot like bigotry & stereotyping? It does to me.

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