What’s Missing?

I was talking with another Second Amendment activist last night about the story behind yesterday afternoon’s shooting on I-394 or, rather, what was missing from it.

Police said the officer had tried to stop the woman, who eventually pulled over along the median shortly after 1 p.m. Thursday on westbound Interstate 394 in Minnetonka.

“The lone occupant of the vehicle, an adult female, was in possession of a handgun and was subsequently fatally shot by the officer,” according to a statement from Golden Valley police.

“Was in possession of a handgun?”

OK – and what did she do with it?

The observation is that usually in these types of shootings – dead civilian, unhurt cop – if there are details that explain the cop’s actions, like “she picked up the gun, racked a round, yelled “I’m gonna kill you, copper” and pointed it at the officer”, those are all over the media.

And yet…

The Hennepin County Sheriff’s Office is investigating and declined Thursday night to release any additional details, including who the woman was, what led to the traffic stop and shooting, and whether she fired at the officer.

This will be interesting.


8 thoughts on “What’s Missing?

  1. The location of the shooting–on the median of a busy freeway–kind of precludes eyewitness reporting of the details. The short version: if you pull a gun or a cigarette lighter that looks like a gun on a cop, expect to be shot dead. I expect the details will come out in the investigation. Seeing a small semi-automatic on the roof of the Honda answers a lot of questions for me.

  2. I go with the police on this one. The lady did something that cause the officer to fear for his life. It’s not easy being a policeman in the big city.

  3. We just had a similar incident in Winona. The initial report was that the victim had a gun. Shortly after the shooting, a credible witness stepped forward to say there was no gun. Now the sheriff too has stated that there was no gun. The incident remains under investigation…

  4. I’m reserving judgment until I know more, but at this point I’m suspicious.

    When Martin Treptow shot the guy who chased him down and threatened to kill his family, the media was hog-wild about Treptow’s past before we even knew the thug’s name or race. Protecting the thin blue line, sticking together.

    The cops have leaked nothing about this woman, leading me to suspect there was nothing to leak, meaning she wasn’t a dangerous fugitive or even a crack whore. There better be some damned good reason why a person with a firearm gets shot by a cop. If it was a concealed carry permit holder, even more so.

  5. The Strib has a story up indicating she had a history of mental problems and a source which says she pointed her weapon at the officer. On the other hand the story seems to indicate that this officer previously tasered a woman at a traffic stop for failing to get off her cell phone.

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