16 thoughts on “You Know It’s Been An Awful Year In MN Sports…

  1. C’mon guys! Give them some credit, will ya’? This is the first MN Pro sports team that has made it out of the first or second round of the playoffs in four years! 😉

  2. The Vikings were in the NFC championship in January 2010 so it hasn’t been that long so we tasted some success (and experienced even more agony). What is this “WNBA” thing that you speak of?

  3. If it weren’t for the Lynx, they’d be sending out their idiot sportscasters like Eric Perkins to do slapstick shtick. Wait, they’re doing that anyway….

  4. Chuck, I’d watch U9 soccer over the NBA/WNBA any day. I’d watch paint dry on the wall before I’d watch professional basketball.

  5. Sorry, all you WNBA haters…the Lynx are not only entertaining, they also do NOT act like petulent, spoiled millionaires. I’ve met a few of them and they really DO care that people are at the games. Also, my two daughters play basketball and they serve as great examples of how to be a professional.

  6. Whenever we’re told why we should be watching women’s team sports–whether the Gopher basketball team a few years ago, the US national women’s soccer team, or now the Lynx–one of the main selling points is how nice the ladies are and how they work well together and how they’re not spoiled like their male counterparts. Know why they’re not spoiled and ego-centric? Because they aren’t getting the money or the attention that male athletes do. Why? Because the product is quite simply nowhere near as good. I’m happy that those of you who have daughters can have them look to these women athletes as role models. But please don’t expect the rest of us to pretend that the games are worth watching on their own as legitimate sports entertainment.

  7. Watching girls hockey is like watching soccer.

    nerdbert, surely don’t have a bumper sticker on your Volvo that says “intellegent men play soccer”.

    Not a WNBA fan at all, but…..that is probably the only league, amature or professional, where I would chose the lady version. I find NBA shallow and its fans shallower yet.

  8. Oh…so the NBA is “real” basketball. You’re dillusional. Every other time up the floor there’s a travel that’s not called. Continuation fouls are called for up to 5 seconds. The street thugs in that league have been known to climb into the stands and take on their paying customers. They are spoiled and pampered to no end.

    Oh, and at least I don’t have to see them hawking Gatorade every fricking 5 minutes, like a certain catcher/1st baseman who has the ability of a guppie to withstand or play through pain. But at least he sure looks good chugging Gatorade in commercials after pretending to play baseball…live imitates art to the extreme.

  9. nerdbert, surely don’t have a bumper sticker on your Volvo that says “intellegent men play soccer”.

    The only times I’ve ever touched a Volvo is when they’ve been attached to my truck with chains (I don’t believe in tow straps).

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