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  1. Yep. The thing about the artist (whose name always eludes me) is that it takes some *talent* to get stick figures to show the sort of personality and emotion that his do.

  2. Really, AC? You’re going to play that card? Try a vacation. Maybe a lap dance. Male or female. Your choice. Come back when your comments aren’t quite so weak.

  3. One side is reasonably open minded.

    The other side is sure they have the “Science!” and “Facts!” exactly right now (you know, this time). They call the other side “deniers”. They “hide” data that doesn’t comply with their “Science!”. They have suffered so many setbacks in argument that they have changed the name of their “movement” more than once to make it sound less ridiculous. And they serially propose the exact same set of solutions even as the “problem” evolves over decades of time.

    So it’s a conspiracy, eh angryclown? If so, it’s a “conspiracy” to make climate scientists and “super intelligent clown” people look like dumb-asses.

  4. The simplicity of stick figures keeps the readers attention on the message; where it should be.

    Where’s my Fleen??!?

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