…to Worse…

Flash is unclear on the concept.  In a post in which he waterboards context (where the hell is the ACLU when you need it?), he states:

Common sense Republicans aren’t allowed to vote their constituency or their conscience.

Er, Flash?  They voted their conscience.

And then their district GOP voted theirs.

Parties – grassroots activists – get to do that.  Granted, as a DFLer you may not be used to thinking for yourself, but it’s kinda what we do on the GOP side.

Carry on.

11 thoughts on “…to Worse…

  1. “you may not be used to thinking for yourself, but it’s kinda what we do on the GOP side.”

    Yet there isn’t any demonstrable proof of it, just the opposite. Remember, ‘mitch’, and I know you struggle with this concept. Just because you say something, doesn’t make it true. In fact, the 6 brave Republicans who were actually concerned about the future of this state have been told exactly how they were suppose to think, and are now feeling the consequences for not towing the line.


  2. I’m curious about something. What about the two House tics [Lesch (St. Paul); Otremba (Long Prairie)] who initially voted against the bill but then voted for the override.

    Which time were they voting their conscience?

    And suppose they had stuck with their initial “no” vote, thus thwarting the override attempt. Any chance the DFL would have lauded them for “voting their conscience”?

  3. flash also seems to struggle with the “concept” in the words “Just because you say something, doesn’t make it true”.

    The weren’t “punished” because they acted like “brave Republicans”, the were not endorsed by the Republicans _of_their_respective_districts_ because the acted like non-Republicans. Hard to understand? Seems so.

    In addition, being “concerned about the future of this state” and piling additional taxes on top gasoline prices, at this time, to pay for “transportation”[1], seems less a function of political party and more a function of economic stupidity.

    [1] Not the same thing as road construction and repair.

  4. Flash “quotes” Berg:

    And although ‘mitch’ pretends:
    [blockquote]“Edina is purple” is a meme

    What Berg really wrote:

    “Edina is purple” is a meme the Strib has been clutching close to its heart like a lucky charm lately.

    Now, the old Flash wouldn’t have so brazenly ripped a quote from its context so thoroughly. The new ‘flash’ apparently has no problem doing his best impersonation of Media Matters.

  5. Oh and ‘flash’ please tell me more about this “economic hell” yopu speak of. Is that similar to Kerry’s “Worst Economy Since Herbert Hoover” lie.

    The TFL talking point writer must have learned something from that. While Kerry’s assertion was provavble (laughably so) false, wirth this new “econonmic hell” talking point, all you need to do when called on it is point to two or three families who aren’t doing so well.

    Responsible public rhetoric is almost dead, ‘flash’, and you along with the TFL are doing more to kill it with crap like this than anyone.

  6. I bet if I could understand him, Foot has a really good point. Unfortunately I think he’s been hanging out with AAA again.

  7. Ah, yes. The “common sense” argument. Like “common sense” gun control. Well, I’d like “common sense” teacher accountability rules, “common sense” restrictions on the 1st Amendment , “common sense” voting qualifications (ability to reaqd and understand English, the ability to discern editorial content, a basic understanding of the Constitution and a basic understanding of economics. Oh, and for every $10K in income, you get another vote (HT to Dr. Walter E. Williams)).
    Just “common sense” restrictions is all I’m asking.

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