RINO Hunting With The Architect

GeeEmInEm on Saturday’s “upset” (in the same sense that the 1940 NFL Championship was an “upset”) in District 41; conservatives Ketih Downey and Jan Schneider beat RINOs and tax-bill traitors Ron Erhardt and Neil Peterson for the GOP endorsements.

esterday I spent the day helping John Swon — hereafter to be known only as “The Architect” — engineer Jan Schneider’s remarkable first-ballot smackdown of Rep. Neil Peterson in Senate District 41B.

Frivolity ensued.

Speaking of ensuing frivolity; I’ve been waiting for the past 18 hours for Lori Sturdevant’s piece on the subject. I might not leave my computer until it comes out.

By the way – notice the number of people in the DFLmedia and the Sorosphere who take it as a given that ejecting the RINOs will automatically cede the districts to the Tics. “Edina is purple” is a meme the Strib has been clutching close to its heart like a lucky charm lately.
They keep forgetting the key lesson of Republican politics in Minnesota this past twenty years:

When Republicans act like DFLers with better suits, we lose. When we act like conservatives, we win.

Gil Gutknecht lost. Michele Bachmann won (and, by the standards of November ’06, won big

More Edinians voted DFL in the last few elections, it’s true; in a year (’06) where Republicans were punished nationwide for acting like Tics, and where both representatives were RINOs of the most base order, why does anyone find that shocking?

This tax increase – and the six traitors who enabled it – may be the best thing that ever happened to the Minnesota GOP; in turn, it’ll be the best thing to happen to Minnesota.


We’ll need it for damage control.

1 thought on “RINO Hunting With The Architect

  1. IMO, it’s more than just the veto override on the tax increase.

    Jum Abler was seeking the endorsement in SD48B, and he failed. He got 58% of the vote, and needed 60%.

    Erhardt and Peterson got 28% and 29%, respectively. Clearly there had much less support.

    Part of the reason may have been that Erhardt and Peterson were the two GOP co-authors of the Metrocrats pet gun registration bill – HF3324.

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