A Further Reason…

…if any were needed, that liberals must be kept away from the machinery of power, since they just don’t know what they’re doing; Jeff Fecke over at Sorosmania the MinMon (and I swear, this is not satire) covers Governor Pawlenty’s tax cut proposal (emphasis added):

Saying that “The economy in our country is under great strain,” Gov. Tim Pawlenty proposed a sales tax cut of 1/8 percent on Friday as part of his supplemental budget proposal.

The move is something of a surprise, as the state faces a $935 million shortfall in the state’s biennial budget.

The move is a surprise – if you’ve been under a rock since 1980 (or at least if George Soros is paying to pretend you’ve been under one).
For the rest of us? Not so much.

5 thoughts on “A Further Reason…

  1. The clown prefers to pull a few more shekels out of the working man’s pocket to cutting spending.
    The sales tax, even in MN, is regressive. Poor people pay a larger portion of their incomes in sales tax than the wealthy do. Liberals talk like Robin Hood, but in reality they’ll take the money from any one they can. I wonder if that 1/8% would have gone to the DLNR to buy wetlands for middle-class hunters or pay raises for civil servants . . .

  2. He compares the year long effect to renters taxes to a single example of sales tax relief when buying a toaster.

    Isn’t there something in their code of ethics about not being a complete asswipe?

  3. Borrow and spend if you live in NY, AC. Here, as in most states, you can’t run a deficit and since plans call to spend the rainy-day fund to get that cut he’ll also have to cut spending, which is what’s got Fecke’s sphincter puckered.

  4. Nerdbert-
    What’s to stop the legislature from floating a billion dollars worth of bonds? Republicans aren’t the only ones who like to borrow & spend.

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