Dear Chris Cilizza: All Is Forgiven

To:  Chris Cilizza
From: Mitch Berg
Re: Durr.

Mr. Cilizza:

In the past, I have criticized your “best blogs” lists for being myopic assortments of blogs driven mostly by fanboy response.

Then I saw “CBS Minnesota”‘s – that’d be WCCO’s – assortment of blogs in their “Most Valuable Blogger” awards.

Now, I don’t much care about the Dining, Sports, Entertainment, Heath or “Everything Else” sections – because I don’t read any of those categories, ever – I gotta say the “Local Affairs” selection is…

…well,  you be the judge).

In a state full of heavyweight blogs that actually make a difference, WCCO provides this list of blogs ranging from the unknown to “Cantina Band” who have only their liberalism in common…

…ah, gotcha.

Anyway, Mr. Cilizza, all is forgiven.

That is all.


I’ll count the hours ’til some bobbleheaded reject of a leftyblogger claims this article is “sour grapes”.  Untrue – I get more recognition than I need or deserve, already, from people that matter to me.

It’s just a really weird list.  I have to wonder – was it compiled from nominees? (UPDATE:  It was.  Go figure – the Esme Murphy station has no conservative viewers, I guess…)

And yeah, I know – Minnesota Brown isn’t bad, and Bluestem Prairie veers often enough into intellectual continence.  Just saying.

3 thoughts on “Dear Chris Cilizza: All Is Forgiven

  1. The link you posted goes to Eric the Blue, not the candidates, but I found the list and it’s as dismal as you say, Mitch. I’d almost recommend stuffing the ballot box for Spotty or Award-Winning Karl, because it would highlight the lunacy of the recommendations WCCO would be giving.

    But that would be wrong.

  2. Not only dismal, but dismal combined with an inflated opinion of themselves (“witty”, “smart”, “well-written” – ha!).

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