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Gavin from Superior, Wisconsin writes:

Greetings from the shadow of the Bong Bridge!

It took a while before I realized Gavin wasn’t making some obscure counterculture reference, but was talking about the Richard Bong Bridge, named after a Superior native who is also America’s top fighter ace of all time.

I digress:

I see that some joyless, socially-retarded, shrieking harpy, “Tild”, wrote that your “Twenty Years Ago Today” series is “excruciatingly tedious”, although she copped to never having actually read any of them.

Well, to be clear, “Tild” doesn’t actually shriek. Literally, anyway.

How can she say that about something she’s never read?

For starters, I doubt she’s never read it. Twin Cities lefties think that if you admit you’ve been in the same room as a conservative, people will think you have cooties. Leftybloggers are to reading rightyblogs as regular folks are to reading “People” magazine; everyone does it, but nobody admits it. It reminds one of something from 1984, where everyone made sure to recite exactly the facts the party told them to recite, no matter how patently it reversed what they’d been told the day before.

And the simple fact is, outside of a thin scree of competent writers, most leftybloggers wouldn’t know how to write a coherent sentence on a level deeper than reflexive scatology or “Why does Bush hate the troops” if they didn’t have Minnesota’s center-right bloggers to emulate.
Still, a jaunt through a typical assortment of the misanthropic twaddle that passes for the “Sorosphere” in the Twin Cities will tell you that to most Twin Cities leftybloggers, actually knowing the subject matter, where it diverges from the talking points they get from the Daily Kos or the Huffpo is considered a handicap. To paraphrase P.J. O’Rourke, “I’m not a leftyblogger, so I’m not an expert at stuff I know nothing about”.

Anyway, I write “Twenty Years Ago Today” for me, and maybe, someday, my kids. If you enjoy it – and favorable comments and emails outnumber the others about 50-1 (and the minority tend to be douchebags anyway) – then that’s fine. If not, your web browser has things called “scroll bars” and a “back button” (ask a conservative blogger if you don’t know how to use them) that can help prevent the “excruciating tedium” of reading something that I don’t give a rat’s ass what you think about in the first place!

And that, as they say, is all.

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  1. “your web browser has things called “scroll bars” and a “back button” (ask a conservative blogger if you don’t know how to use them)”

    Because it is the electronic version of sticking your fingers in your ears singing LaLaLaLaLa And we know that Scaife would hate for you all to read divergent opinions.*grin*

  2. While it may be in line with saying “the sun rose in the east”, Flash, I’ll say it – you missed the point.

    Nobody *makes* anyone read anything on this blog; if Tild doesn’t like it, she can move along.

    Although the fact that she didn’t actually READ what she criticized is…well, typical of everything she’s ever written about anything…

  3. “typical of everything she’s ever written about anything…”

    . . and, if you would have bothered reading the post where all she was doing is clarifiying confusion, it was a post memorializing her mother who passed away 20 years ago. A very touching tribute, one that you clearly didn’t read. Because, Mitch would have gone and looked after reading what was more than likely a faux E-Mail and left it lay there. But ‘mitch’ couldn’t pass up a chance to take a shot at a lefty blogger, even if they were talking about their dear departed mother.

    I call it poor form if not down right despicable!

  4. There’s also a Bong State Park between Milwaukee and Kenosha. The sign on I-94 directing motorists to the park is said to be the most replaced highway sign in the state. Looks good on dorm walls, I figure.

  5. I used to live in Superior Wisconsin. {Chuck sits back and reminisces about the Anchor Bar, Hammond Spur chicken and snow up to my waist}.

    The Bong WWII heritage museum along the waterfront is a must stop. On the memorial wall, people bought plaques for family members who served during the war. One plaque has….I think it is 6 brothers from one family in Superior who fought in WW2.

  6. I call it poor form if not down right despicable!

    Dramatic much?

    I saw it in my technorati hits. If the post WAS about her mother, well, I’m glad she paid her such eloquent homage.

    Although if she feels the need to take a drive-by swipe at me in a post about her mother – well, that’s just sad.

  7. Anyway, I write “Twenty Years Ago Today” for me
    I’m waiting for the miniseries (imagine winking emoticon).

  8. “Anyway, I write “Twenty Years Ago Today” for me
    I’m waiting for the miniseries (imagine winking emoticon).”

    With Angry Clown playing the role of Mitch’s alcoholic roomate.

  9. I love seeing left-leaners, especially local left-leaning girl bloggers, use the word “hysteric” to describe Mitch.

    I don’t need to say it, but I will… projection?

  10. Aye, Chuck. The Anchor Bar. Good burgers, cheap beer, doing the Sauce-town Shuffle. That little stretch of road is to dive bars what Superior is to the Great Lakes. Beautiful.

  11. Kermit… after all, he is an agent of change. Obama. Double-0-7… agent of chance with a license to thrill.

    Har-har-hardy-har. 😀

  12. We stayed in Superior once (in the 70’s-a motel with a waterbed-yikes) and I swear, there was 4 bars to a block (or more). How can one smallish place support that many bars?! Oh yeah, it’s Wisconsin! I was born in Milwaukee, and I don’t know whether I should be proud of that fact or not….

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