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Minnesota politicans – DFLers all – have blessed the rest of us with three quotes that sum up the difference between conservative and “progressive” politics – and, indeed, the evil of progressivism – more concisely and starkly than all of the Poli Sci PhDs in the world have done through all of history.

Back in 2007, it was Saint Paul DFL Senator Cy Thao, who said “When you guys win, you get to keep your money.  When we win, we take your money!”.

In 2009?  Larry Pogemiller, who said “I think it’s silly to assume people can spend their own money better than government can”.

Both of these statements can be read as “politicians slipping up and telling the truth”; they’r funny, as far as that goes.

But both statements also point out what is so profoundly wrong with “progressive” politics; it exists by not only sponging off the labor of others, but by trying to convince them that being sponged is in and of itself noble.

And now we have a third.  Last Sunday, on the Esme Murphy show, Elliot Seid  – the capo for the Twin Cities Service Employees International Union (SEIU) said “We don’t have a spending problem. We have a revenue problem!”.

In other words, everything that everyone earns in this state should be suject to being appropriated, until government’s appetites are met. Maybe exceeded just a bit, just to be sure.

The quote has an inside shot of winning this year’s Charles Townsend award.

And it, along with Thao and Pogemiller’s quotes, should be printed up on T-shirts by the GOP and handed out at the fair this summer.

7 thoughts on “Another For The Hall Of Fame

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  2. I was the man that reported Thao’s assinine quote. At the time, I couldn’t believe someone was that arrogant.

    I’d recommend a T-shirt that has Thao’s quote on the back, Seide’s quote on the front. You can vote on that T-shirt here.

    Let the voting begin.

  3. Elliot Seid – a perfect Fabian Socialist. Glenn Beck broadcast a bit of film shot featuring George Bernard Shaw (another Fabian Socialist) where he happily postulated “Every five years, or so, everyone should be brought before a board and made to explain how they have earned enough, maybe just a bit more, to justify their existence. If they can’t they should be gentley but firmly led to the death chamber.”
    Don’t you just love Big Government Socialists? Makes me feel all warm and fuzzy.

  4. I would leave out the SEIU guy, they have an unfair advantage, and if you include them in the DFL hall of fame it would be akin to allowing aluminum Baseball bats to the Natioal League for the Homerun competition.

    I would like to submit John Hottinger’s Henny Penny moment where he stated emphatically “The sky is falling!”

  5. Mitch:

    FYI Elliot Seid is the Capo for AFSCME not SEIU.

    Walter Hanson
    Minneapolis, MN

  6. Throw in the Bill Clinton quote too about how we could give you your money back, but you might not spend it on the right things. (IIRC)

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