J’Accuse, 2011

Yet again, as we watch the political contortions of Anthony Weiner, we see the great political truism; it’s not the act, it’s the cover-up.

And as we’ve seen over and over and over again, there’s nothing the media likes more than unravelling a coverup.  Of a Republican (or a Democrat who, like Weiner, has been deemed a liability).

So let’s talk cover up.

While the GOP presented a balanced budget in May – long before the DFL had done in the previous couple of biennia – Mark Dayton, who never presented a balanced budget and thus in effect never presented a budget at all, vetoed it after weeks of stonewalling.

Evidence is emerging from various Human Services and Department of Transportation sources that Dayton planned this shutdown all along.  The fact that the Administration and the Legislature were eight tenths of a percent apart shows that Dayton has no interest in negotiation.  In the meantime, he – his surrogates at “Alliance For A Better Minnesota”, the attack-PAC funded by the unions, Dayton’s ex-wife Alita Messinger, the Dayton family and Mark Dayton himself – are running ads, constantly, trying to blame Republican intranigence for the shutdown.

And you only hear about it on the blogs.

On Channel Four, where Esme Murphy spends her every Sunday morning painting the toenails of DFL politicians?


On Minnesota Public Radio, which just finished a huge lobbying campaign to defend their federal and state subsidies because their “no rant, no slant” news coverage is just too vital to allow to allow any cuts?

Where are Mike Mulcahy, Tom Scheck and Tim Pugmire?

The Strib?  It’s no secret we don’t expect much of the newspaper of the “Minnesota Poll“; the paper that ran its sole story about Mark Dayton’s history of alcoholism and mental illness in January of 2010; half a year before the DFL primary, and a good nine months before 90% of the voters even knew there was an election coming up.  Still, one might think someone at 425 Portland would figure there was some utility in, y’know, covering the news.

Rachel Stassen-Berger?

The PiPress?  Does Bill Salisbury actually transgress the DFL?

Channel 5? Paging Tom Hauser; there’s a there, there.

Where is the media?

14 thoughts on “J’Accuse, 2011

  1. [Insert: Tonight Show theme music…Ed’s in the guest chair and Johnny is wearing a turban at the desk]

    [Ed]: And the answer is: “Where is the media?”

    [Carnak the Great]: What do you ask when not ONE member of “The Press” in Minnesota bother to fact-check, investigate, or even use 3 brain cells to question what a ultra-liberal governor and his lackies spew on a daily basis?

  2. Not bad, MGIN. Here’s how I remember it going.

    Carnak: Gibraltar, Joe Mauer and the Alliance for a Better Minnesota media campaign.

    Ed: Gibraltar, Joe Mauer and the Alliance for a Better Minnesota media campaign.

    Carnak, opening envelope: Name a rock, a jock and a crock.

  3. Belgium has been without an official government for a year, and they’re still on the map. Perhaps this is an opportunity to move toward a more Jeffersonian model of government.

  4. Oh, and on the morning show on that other station, a couple callers raised an interesting possibility: Dayton isn’t negotiating, because he doesn’t HAVE PERMISSION to negotiate. One caller noted that the first place Dayton went to after his gubernatorial victory (granted, I have not performed a FACT CHECK as of yet) was a Soros soiree.

    It gets harder and harder every week to not get my head measured for a nice attractive aluminum bonnet.

  5. “The fact that the Administration and the Legislature were eight tenths of a percent apart shows that Dayton has no interest in negotiation.”

    Don’t you remember the constant news reports of the Governor haggling relentlessly to close that 0.8% gap?

    Me either.

  6. Insert Dog Bone screed about Mitch not opining on Fox News ignoring some story about a corrupt Republican.

  7. Wow, Mr. D, that was excellent! I’d forgotten how they played those bits until I read your post. You captured it exactly.


  8. Mr. D;

    As Mr. Burns on the Simpsons would so aptly put it; “Exxxcellent!”

  9. I am shocked – shocked, I tell you – to hear that the mainstream media are in the bag for Lefties.

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