“1967 Borders”

Here’s Israel today:

Note the brown glob of the West Bank and the little strip between Gaza and Rafah – owned by Israel, with sizeable Palestinian populations.  These populations are largely highly hostile to Israel.

Here was Israel in 1967:

Doens’t look much different, does it?  And it’s not – except for the fact that there are Israeli troops securing the West Bank.  Note the numbers.  They’re distances to Israel’s major population and economic centers.   When Arabs controlled the West Bank before 1967, every major population center in Israel was threatened.  Today, with Iran supplying Hamas and Hezb’allah with more modern rockets, terrorists can scourge most of Israel at will, if the “peace process” breaks down.

As it will, inevitably.

Obama is insane if he thinks this is a rational solution while the Palestinians are controlled by people who still reject the idea that Israel has a right to exist.   The Israelis are right to reject it out of hand.

19 thoughts on ““1967 Borders”

  1. Obama’s not insane. He simply sees Israel as the problem, and will happily facilitate it’s demise. All the while mouthing platitudes about “supporting” Israel and being it’s good friend.
    And he wonders why so many people think he’s a Muslim.

  2. Just a side note to the insanity, arrogance, ignorance, abject lack of historical knowledge, and just plain old stupidity – 0bambler’s plan to go with 1967 borders means that Syria will have to cede Golan Heights to Israel. Yes, he is that stupid not to know the implication of what he said.

  3. Somehow I can hear Rev Wright’s words echoing through this moment in history. I can picture President Obama sitting in the pew soaking in the anti-Semitic rants of the Reverend. Officially, we know he wasn’t listening for those 20 years…

  4. With Obama, as usual, it’s not a plan, but a “position.” It sounds good to the Israel-bashers, and has nothing at all to do with the facts on the ground.

  5. Yeah, all those little old retired grannie in Florida are gonna LOVE this position. Especially in November 2012.

    The Obumbler is gonna lose Florida, which will damn-near guarentee his defeat.

  6. We still need a credible GOP candidate, though, Nuts.

    If I had been Netanyahu, I’d have been sorely tempted to call off today’s meeting with Obama in protest, saying “we will meet with President Obama only when he withdraws his ludicrous plan which would leave almost all of Israel within range of Hamas artillery and rockets.”

  7. Well once again Obama is setting the scene for disaster. Once again the sycophantic media will spin the events in his favor. Did you notice the Arab world is exploding in violence, radical Islamonazis are poised to take over and it’s being called “The Arab Spring”? Like Irish Spring, only red.

  8. The Israeli’s see Obama for what he is, a dimwitted political activist. This will be the second time he has promised he could make Israel do something that is not in their interest. Fortunately for Israel, Bibi is not some Macalester co-ed, willing to believe in anything that comes from the teleprompter readers’ lips.
    As teh kids and Learned Foot might say – FAIL.
    PS: Kermit – They are not really comparable. No one in a burka ever said “Manly, yes, but I like it too…” without facing a stoning.

  9. It was pointed out on Fox news this a.m. that Hollywood Jews have pledged to withdraw their support of Obumbler if he sells out Israel. LOL! How many times have we heard that, only to hear the younger of them, i.e. John Stewart, Sarah Silverman, et al stand behind their messiah rather than admit that they made a mistake voting for him?

    Unfortunately, many Jews in congress would rather tow the party line than speak out! I can’t wait to hear, to name a few, Rahm Fishboy Emmanuel, Chucky Shumer, Ranting Anthony Weiner, Commie Hank Waxman and Debbie DFLWassercarrier Shultz to weigh in! Far too many libturd Jews seem to have forgotten Nazi tyranny began the same way.

  10. I’d have been sorely tempted to call off today’s meeting with Obama in protest

    Au contrer. Use the stage to show off that Emperor has no clothes.

  11. Ever notice how many on the far left/far right call for a “right to return” for descends of Arabs who were relocated in 1948, yet never call for the right to return for the 12-14 million ethnic Germans forced to relocate in 1946? A forced move that killed 500,000 of the Germans.

    Or Jews who were cleansed out of Arab countries?

    My point is that this has nothing to do with the “right to return”. It is just another way to attack Israel.

  12. bosshoss: Yup. There’s a dysfunctional love affair between liberal Jews and the Democrats that transcends sense. Basically, what we’ll hear is “This is horrible! Don’t do this again or we’ll warn you again!”

  13. If I were Bibi, I wouldn’t call off the meeting with Pres. Obama; I’d simply move it to Tel Aviv or Sderot – places already within range of Hamas rockets – and let everyone know the time of the meeting. Then the Secret Service can call off the meeting.

  14. bosshoss429 wrote: “…stand behind their messiah…”.
    Made me think of Billy Crystal parodying Edward G Robinson in the “Ten Commandments” “where’s your messiah now, Moses?”

  15. Sounds like BiBi made the best of his opportunity to take 0bambler out to the shed and school him.

  16. Barak Obama has demonstrated time and again that he does not believe in maintaining our relationship with traditional allies (remember the insults to England) but instead believes we ought to cultivate relationships with our enemies.

    Whether that’s because he’s unutterably naive (my bet) or because he’s actively working to destroy the country (not likely, he’s not competant enough)doesn’t much matter – the effect is the same.

    If I were Israeli, I’d treat American promises like any other used-car salesman’s pitch – in one ear and out the other.

  17. At Columbia Obama majored in International Relations.
    No, I am not kidding.

  18. The ’67 borders are also known as the Auschwitz Lines.

    You hear that sound? It’s the Jews leaving the Democratic Party.

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