Let’s Give Credit Where It’s Due

Here is the list of Minnesota House members who voted for HF1467 – which expands the human right of self-defense, and creates a legal possibility that demonstrably-legitimate self-defense shootings don’t have to plead “guilty with an explanation” for exercising the human right to defend their lives and their families from lethal threats.

If you see your representative on this list, please send them a nice “thank you”.

  • Abeler, Jim (R-48B) rep.jim.abeler@house.mn
  • Anderson, Bruce (R-19A) rep.bruce.anderson@house.mn
  • Anderson, Paul (R-13A) rep.paul.anderson@house.mn
  • Anderson, Sarah (R-43A) rep.sarah.anderson@house.mn
  • Anzelc, Tom (DFL-03A) rep.tom.anzelc@house.mn
  • Banaian, King (R-15B) rep.king.banaian@house.mn
  • Barrett, Bob (R-17B) rep.bob.barrett@house.mn
  • Beard, Michael (R-35A) rep.mike.beard@house.mn
  • Benson, Mike (R-30B) rep.mike.benson@house.mn
  • Bills, Kurt (R-37B) rep.kurt.bills@house.mn
  • Buesgens, Mark (R-35B) rep.mark.buesgens@house.mn
  • Cornish, Tony (R-24B) rep.tony.cornish@house.mn
  • Crawford, Roger (R-08B) rep.roger.crawford@house.mn
  • Daudt, Kurt (R-17A) rep.kurt.daudt@house.mn
  • Davids, Greg (R-31B) rep.greg.davids@house.mn
  • Dean, Matt (R-52B) rep.matt.dean@house.mn
  • Dettmer, Bob (R-52A) rep.bob.dettmer@house.mn
  • Dill, David (DFL-06A) rep.david.dill@house.mn
  • Downey, Keith (R-41A) rep.keith.downey@house.mn
  • Drazkowski, Steve (R-28B) rep.steve.drazkowski@house.mn
  • Eken, Kent (DFL-02A) rep.kent.eken@house.mn
  • Erickson, Sondra (R-16A) rep.sondra.erickson@house.mn
  • Fabian, Dan (R-01A) rep.dan.fabian@house.mn
  • Franson, Mary (R-11B) rep.mary.franson@house.mn
  • Garofalo, Pat (R-36B) rep.pat.garofalo@house.mn
  • Gottwalt, Steve (R-15A) rep.steve.gottwalt@house.mn
  • Gruenhagen, Glenn (R-25A) rep.glenn.gruenhagen@house.mn
  • Gunther, Bob (R-24A) rep.bob.gunther@house.mn
  • Hackbarth, Tom (R-48A) rep.tom.hackbarth@house.mn
  • Hamilton, Rod (R-22B) rep.rod.hamilton@house.mn
  • Hancock, David (R-02B) rep.david.hancock@house.mn
  • Holberg, Mary Liz (R-36A) rep.maryliz.holberg@house.mn
  • Hoppe, Joe (R-34B) rep.joe.hoppe@house.mn
  • Hosch, Larry (DFL-14B) rep.larry.hosch@house.mn
  • Howes, Larry (R-04B) rep.larry.howes@house.mn
  • Kath, Kory (DFL-26A) rep.kory.kath@house.mn
  • Kelly, Tim (R-28A) rep.tim.kelly@house.mn
  • Kieffer, Andrea (R-56B) rep.andrea.kieffer@house.mn
  • Kiel, Debra (R-01B) rep.deb.kiel@house.mn
  • Kiffmeyer, Mary (R-16B) rep.mary.kiffmeyer@house.mn
  • Koenen, Lyle (DFL-20B) rep.lyle.koenen@house.mn
  • Kriesel, John (R-57A) rep.john.kriesel@house.mn
  • Lanning, Morrie (R-09A) rep.morrie.lanning@house.mn
  • Leidiger, Ernie (R-34A) rep.ernie.leidiger@house.mn
  • LeMieur, Mike (R-12B) rep.mike.lemieur@house.mn
  • Lohmer, Kathy (R-56A) rep.kathy.lohmer@house.mn
  • Loon, Jenifer (R-42B) rep.jenifer.loon@house.mn
  • Mack, Tara (R-37A) rep.tara.mack@house.mn
  • Marquart, Paul (DFL-09B) rep.paul.marquart@house.mn
  • Mazorol, Pat (R-41B) rep.pat.mazorol@house.mn
  • McDonald, Joe (R-19B) rep.joe.mcdonald@house.mn
  • McNamara, Denny (R-57B) rep.denny.mcnamara@house.mn
  • Melin, Carly (DFL-05B) rep.carly.melin@house.mn
  • Murdock, Mark (R-10B) rep.mark.murdock@house.mn
  • Murray, Rich (R-27A) rep.rich.murray@house.mn
  • Myhra, Pam (R-40A) rep.pam.myhra@house.mn
  • Nornes, Bud (R-10A) rep.bud.nornes@house.mn
  • O’Driscoll, Tim (R-14A) rep.tim.odriscoll@house.mn
  • Peppin, Joyce (R-32A) rep.joyce.peppin@house.mn
  • Persell, John (DFL-04A) rep.john.persell@house.mn
  • Petersen, Branden (R-49B) rep.branden.petersen@house.mn
  • Poppe, Jeanne (DFL-27B) rep.jeanne.poppe@house.mn
  • Quam, Duane (R-29A) rep.duane.quam@house.mn
  • Runbeck, Linda (R-53A) rep.linda.runbeck@house.mn
  • Sanders, Tim (R-51A) rep.tim.sanders@house.mn
  • Schomacker, Joe (R-22A) rep.joe.schomacker@house.mn
  • Scott, Peggy (R-49A) rep.peggy.scott@house.mn
  • Shimanski, Ron (R-18A) rep.ron.shimanski@house.mn
  • Smith, Steve (R-33A) rep.steve.smith@house.mn
  • Stensrud, Kirk (R-42A) rep.kirk.stensrud@house.mn
  • Swedzinski, Chris (R-21A) rep.chris.swedzinski@house.mn
  • Torkelson, Paul (R-21B) rep.paul.torkelson@house.mn
  • Urdahl, Dean (R-18B) rep.dean.urdahl@house.mn
  • Vogel, Bruce (R-13B) rep.bruce.vogel@house.mn
  • Ward, John (DFL-12A) rep.john.ward@house.mn
  • Wardlow, Doug (R-38B) rep.doug.wardlow@house.mn
  • Westrom, Torrey (R-11A) rep.torrey.westrom@house.mn
  • Woodard, Kelby (R-25B) rep.kelby.woodard@house.mn
  • Zellers, Kurt (R-32B) rep.kurt.zellers@house.mn

I bolded the names of the DFLers who bucked their party’s elitist, anti-civil-liberty stance (knowing that their outstate districts would not be amused); if you are represented by any them, send them an especially nice note.  Gun rights in Minnesota depends, at the moment, on DFLers with principle standing up to the vile, statist rot that is the Metrocrat wing of the party.

The bad news?  Here are the ones that walked in the footsteps of Stalin and Pot and Mao, and voted against the bill:

  1. Benson, John (DFL-43B) rep.john.benson@house.mn
  2. Brynaert, Kathy (DFL-23B) rep.kathy.brynaert@house.mn
  3. Carlson Sr., Lyndon (DFL-45B) rep.lyndon.carlson@house.mn
  4. Champion, Bobby Joe (DFL-58B) rep.bobby.champion@house.mn
  5. Clark, Karen (DFL-61A) rep.karen.clark@house.mn
  6. Davnie, Jim (DFL-62A) rep.jim.davnie@house.mn
  7. Dittrich, Denise (DFL-47A) rep.denise.dittrich@house.mn
  8. Doepke, Connie (R-33B) rep.connie.doepke@house.mn
  9. Falk, Andrew (DFL-20A) rep.andrew.falk@house.mn
  10. Fritz, Patti (DFL-26B) rep.patti.fritz@house.mn
  11. Gauthier, Kerry (DFL-07B) rep.kerry.gauthier@house.mn
  12. Greene, Marion (DFL-60A) rep.marion.greene@house.mn
  13. Greiling, Mindy (DFL-54A) rep.mindy.greiling@house.mn
  14. Hansen, Rick (DFL-39A) rep.rick.hansen@house.mn
  15. Hausman, Alice (DFL-66B) rep.alice.hausman@house.mn
  16. Hayden, Jeff (DFL-61B) rep.jeff.hayden@house.mn
  17. Hilstrom, Debra (DFL-46B) rep.debra.hilstrom@house.mn
  18. Hilty, Bill (DFL-08A) rep.bill.hilty@house.mn
  19. Hornstein, Frank (DFL-60B) rep.frank.hornstein@house.mn
  20. Hortman, Melissa (DFL-47B) rep.melissa.hortman@house.mn
  21. Huntley, Thomas (DFL-07A) rep.thomas.huntley@house.mn
  22. Johnson, Sheldon (DFL-67B) rep.sheldon.johnson@house.mn
  23. Kahn, Phyllis (DFL-59B) rep.phyllis.kahn@house.mn
  24. Knuth, Kate (DFL-50B) rep.kate.knuth@house.mn
  25. Laine, Carolyn (DFL-50A) rep.carolyn.laine@house.mn
  26. Lenczewski, Ann (DFL-40B) rep.ann.lenczewski@house.mn
  27. Lesch, John (DFL-66A) rep.john.lesch@house.mn
  28. Lillie, Leon (DFL-55A) rep.leon.lillie@house.mn
  29. Loeffler, Diane (DFL-59A) rep.diane.loeffler@house.mn
  30. Mahoney, Tim (DFL-67A) rep.tim.mahoney@house.mn
  31. Mariani, Carlos (DFL-65B) rep.carlos.mariani@house.mn
  32. McFarlane, Carol (R-53B) rep.carol.mcfarlane@house.mn
  33. Moran, Rena (DFL-65A) rep.rena.moran@house.mn
  34. Morrow, Terry (DFL-23A) rep.terry.morrow@house.mn
  35. Mullery, Joe (DFL-58A) rep.joe.mullery@house.mn
  36. Murphy, Erin (DFL-64A) rep.erin.murphy@house.mn
  37. Murphy, Mary (DFL-06B) rep.mary.murphy@house.mn
  38. Nelson, Michael V. (DFL-46A) rep.michael.nelson@house.mn
  39. Norton, Kim (DFL-29B) rep.kim.norton@house.mn
  40. Paymar, Michael (DFL-64B) rep.michael.paymar@house.mn
  41. Pelowski Jr., Gene (DFL-31A) rep.gene.pelowski@house.mn
  42. Peterson, Sandra (DFL-45A) rep.sandra.peterson@house.mn
  43. Scalze, Bev (DFL-54B) rep.bev.scalze@house.mn
  44. Simon, Steve (DFL-44A) rep.steve.simon@house.mn
  45. Slawik, Nora (DFL-55B) rep.nora.slawik@house.mn
  46. Slocum, Linda (DFL-63B) rep.linda.slocum@house.mn
  47. Thissen, Paul (DFL-63A) rep.paul.thissen@house.mn
  48. Tillberry, Tom (DFL-51B) rep.tom.tillberry@house.mn
  49. Wagenius, Jean (DFL-62B) rep.jean.wagenius@house.mn
  50. Winkler, Ryan (DFL-44B) rep.ryan.winkler@house.mn

I bolded the two Republicans who should have known better.  If you are represented by either of them – or have an interest – please send them a polite note asking for their reasons.  Feel free to forward them to me, if you get a moment.

As to the other 48?  Most of them are metrocrats.  Most of them would get turned over their chairman’s knee and spanked if they broke with the DFL’s racist, paternalistic party line on this issue.  None of them is authorized to actually consider the facts, and none of them will.

(Lists courtesy of GOCRA)

10 thoughts on “Let’s Give Credit Where It’s Due

  1. I wonder if Doepke and McFarlane will be surprised when campaign contributions start getting sent to their primary challengers in the next go around.

  2. I’m simply amazed.

    I’m a new constituent of Doepke, and had an in depth meeting with her about gun rights early in the session.
    While she was completely ignorant of guns, (not surprising from a house wife, turned school board member, turned rep) she seemingly had support for gun owner rights.

    I informed her that I had been working closely on the bill as a member of the Gun Owners Civil Rights Alliance, and asked her to let me know any questions or concerns she had on the bill.

    She replied that she intended to “listen closely to the bill on the floor”. I thanked her, and re-affirmed my knowledge of the bill, and willingness to clarify any concerns. Never heard a thing.

    Literally moments later, I received word from Tony Cornish, that she had indeed said she would not be voting for the bill. So much for listening.

    Tony said she had been influenced by law enforcement.

    I then emailed, and left several voicemails, specifically requesting to meet or talk with her for just a few moments any time before the hearing.

    I was at the capitol all day Saturday, and went by her office several times. Never hear a word from her.

    The police administrators who object to the bill — and who seem to have her ear — apparently have not read it, at least lately. Senator Harrington, himself a former chief of the St. Paul P.D., held a press conference to express his strong opposition to the bill — but Harrington did not even attend the Senate Public Safety Committee hearing to get information, express reservations, or propose amendments.
    He just showed up in the last 5 minutes to vote.

    The bill has multiple, redundant safeguards for police officer safety, and is more than anything else a clarification of existing case law.

    So far Rep. Doepke has not taken the time to listen to constituents or us as to the merits of the bill.

    Rep. Doepke needs
    1) to hear the actual facts, and
    2) to hear from her constituents who support this mainstream civil rights legislation, and
    3) to know that this is a serious issue with serious consequences for the conservatives in her district that elected her.

  3. If you are looking for intelligence, don’t start with Doepke. You can hear the wind whistling between her ears. ANY TIME A SCHOOLBOARD MEMBER IS A CANDIDATE…ITS A MISTAKE. THEY KNOW NOTHING ABOUT HOW GOVERNMENT SHOULD WORK.

  4. My “representative” Sandra Peterson is a former VP of Education Minnesota. If I could I would start a RICO investigation into the relationship between teachers unions and the DFL.

  5. This is one of the few reasons Jim Abler does get my vote. Now if he would just get a haircut and not propose new HHS spending.

  6. Rick Hansen hates my family, and wants violent criminals to attack us. I am quite disappointed with him and shall henceforth inform him of such.

  7. I called Pat Mazorol’s office and talked to one of his staffers. When I asked her to pass on my thanks to him for voting in favor of the bill, she replied that she, too, was proud of him for doing so. Turns out that she has been hunting with her family members for years! Woo! Hoo!

    It is obvious that all of the people that voted “Aye” on the bill, have faith in their fellow man and realize that violations typically come from a very small number of miscreants!

  8. My representative got back to me with his rationale, I returned to him my respectful critique, and thanked him for getting back to me.

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