A Pattern?

It’s been a running gag among cultural conservatives for the past decade or so; if a drunk Chechen wearing a suicide vest swerves off the road and knocks over a lightpole, the headline will read “SUV DESTROYS CITY PROPERTY”.

And apparently any reference, no matter how oblique, to the “Tea Party” when reporting news is enough to impugn the mass movement that dealt the Democrats their biggest setback in generations last fall.

We ran into this briefly – and comically – last year, when the Minnesota Birkeydependent ran a piece about a “threatening” message that an AFSCME office reported.  On April 15, the day of the Tea Party rally.  From a guy claiming to be a leader in the local Tea Party.  About whom absolutely nobody in the Minnesota Tea Party had ever heard.  Having spoken at (as of last weekend) five of ’em, I claim some authority there.

Anyway magically, on the eve of the Tea Party, voila, another threatening message

Officials with Minnesota’s largest public employee union say they have received several threatening phone calls and e-mails in response to their recent “tax the rich” ad campaign.

One voice message left at AFSCME Council 5 headquarters in South St. Paul prompted the union to file a complaint with police.

…from – guess who?:

In the profanity-laced message, a man implied a connection to the tea party movement and a tea party event scheduled for Thursday evening outside of the State Capitol. He also said the union’s days were numbered.

The story doesn’t release the caller’s name.   Or attempt to document in any way the “connection” to the “Tea Party”.

And I’m going to guess he was no more “connected” to the Tea Party than any of the other millions of people who have had enough of Obama and the special interests that float him.

But I suspect that this is going to be an annual tradition, as long as there is a Tea Party; the Twin Cities media dutifully reporting that a big bad tea partier (probably, maybe)  has, er, threatened a union, and they’ve called the police.

Any bets?

5 thoughts on “A Pattern?

  1. I think there are tea partiers lurking at the elementary schools in my neighborhood. In fact, it can be confirmed. They’re selling drugs, I think, to the school children at recess. It can be confirmed. There are tea partiers hoping to date your daughters. Tea partiers are also setting the price of gasoline. And, heroin. My God, they’re everywhere.

  2. Yes and the libs need to do everything they can to derail the Tea Party. Like the whining Demonrats in WI that have filed a recall petition on a 3rd GOP rep there.

    When is the WI Tea Party going to launch recall petitions against the Fleebaggers for their outright dereliction of duty?

  3. Some of the fleebaggers in WI are facing recalls. In Green Bay the office headquarters of one effort to recall a fleebagger was broken into recently. Amoung the items stolen were the signed petitions.

  4. jpmn: got a link for that? That’s just priceless in illustrating how far the left will go.

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