Beyond The Factions…

I’ve been reading Pioneer Press columnist Ruben Rosario for years.

I’ve applauded himfew times, and thrown the odd brickbat as well.

But I’ll ask everyone to put any partisanship and stylistic differences aside to give him your prayers, wishes, or whatever your worldview calls for:]

I left with a diagnosis of multiple myeloma, an incurable blood-related cancer.

Roughly 11,000 Americans die from it annually. Geraldine Ferraro had the disease, and succumbed to pneumonia while being treated for it in a decade-long battle. The general survival rate, I was informed, ranges from two to five or six years. But there are many folks, like Ferraro, who keep on going for years and years. She had been diagnosed in 1998.

I start chemo this week. Wish me luck. I don’t like writing about myself. But I make an allowance on this occasion. Hope you bear with me.

Here’s hoping you’re one of the outliers, Mr. Rosario.

3 thoughts on “Beyond The Factions…

  1. Living on the other side of the river, I don’t read the PiPress very often, so I am not familiar with Mr. Rosario.

    Cancer is a hideous disease and I hope Ruben kicks its’ ass!

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