Go Time In SD66

It’s election day in Senate District 66.

If you’re a Republican – or a black parent sick of the racism of low intentions your kids get from the school system, or a Latino family tired of having the DFL take your vote and repudiate your beliefs, or an Asian family tired of having your votes harvested and then having your businesses regulated out of business and your neighborhoods destroyed by the Central Corridor, or a Democrat who works a day job and is sick of seeing how your taxes rise even as your property values plummet – then you need to vote for Greg Copeland.

If you’re a Democrat?  Well, you own this city.  Your leadership is giggling and saying there are no Republicans in Saint Paul and Greg’s got no chance.  Seriously, you do have better things to do, don’t you?

Here’s the SOS polling-station finder site.

Disclosure – I’m a volunteer on the Copeland campaign.

2 thoughts on “Go Time In SD66

  1. This is another sad day in MN politics because once again, the entitled, envious commies in St. Paul have sucked up media lies and the political rhetoric of a Demonrat and elected her.

  2. Boss,

    All that’s true. But let’s be honest – a district that turned out 8,000 people to vote for McCain and Norm Coleman and Tom Emmer turned out 1,000 for state Senate. If half of them had come out, we’d have won.

    My theory: Saint Paul Republicans turn out for statewide and national races, because in their experience, it’s the only vote they make that really counts for anything.

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