A Brilliant Idea!

I was watching the replay of Tuesday’s discussion on Marty Owings’ “Capitol Conversations” show, with Greg Copeland (the GOP-endorsed candidate in the SD66 special election) and Rep. John Lesch, one of three DFL contenders that’ll duke it out in the primary next Tuesday.

Toward the end of the interview, the subject of “what is there left to cut?” from the budget of the City of Saint Paul, Copeland brought up the $300K the city spent on a tiny fleet of electric cars.

Lesch responded “OK, that’s $300 thousand.  What else?”

Copeland, inconveniently, hadn’t brought a budget with  him; Marty had to disentangle that particular discussion.

But it just occurred to me; what a golden opportunity for an across-the-aisle discussion!

Rep. Lesch?  Candidate Copeland?  How about we get together with a copy of the Saint Paul City Budget, and go through it, line item by line item, and justify each one’s existence (or removal)?

This sounds like a fantastic idea!

Rep. Lesch (or whomever wins the DFL endorsement); have your people call Mr. Copeland’s people (note: I am Mr. Copeland’s people).  Let’s get this set up.

What a brilliant idea, Rep. Lesch!

Disclosure: I am a volunteer on Greg Copeland’s campaign staff.

4 thoughts on “A Brilliant Idea!

  1. I am constantly hearing politicians talk about “eliminating fraud, abuse and waste”. I have yet to hear one say anything about redundancy in government.

    The fraud part should be easy. That’s what we have a State Auditor and an Attorney General for. Of course, in Minnesota they would never do this, because they may uncover the fraud of Mark Dayton pretending to be a sane, cogent adult.

  2. The GOP should immediately revise the LGA budget proposal to include 300k less for St Paul, with a footnote that says ‘authorized by 66A’.

  3. Copeland should have mentioned Coleman’s reward to his former minion, the top job at a triply redundant human rights department….that’s another $1.45 mil a year.

    Then refrigerated outdoor ice rinks; bicycle advisory board; 3 lobbiests…I got a bag full more.

  4. “OK, that’s $300 thousand. What else?”

    I think a good response would be:

    “These budgeting and prioritizing details are something the mayor can resolve, and he should. The point is this: the City of Saint Paul is a good city, and a proud city. It has got to stop effectively begging alms from many of Minnesota’s other cities on the capitol steps, if only to set a good example, one befitting a State Capital.”

    Of course, I would never think of it at the time. *shrug*

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