SD66 – Let’s Shock The World!

Greg Copeland is running for Minnesota State Senate in the District 66 special election on April 12.

A Republican? Running in Saint Paul?

Yep.  And he’s running to win.

He can’t do it without help, of course.  As we noted on the show yesterday, he needs to top $3,000 by Monday afternoon to get state matching money.  If you can contribute anything, we’d appreciate it.  And remember – once we get over $3,000 it’s not done.  Indeed, it’s just a start.  No contribution will be wasted.  Here’s where you can donate – and many thanks to those of you who have contributed already. Here’s the campaign’s contributions page.

Beyond money?  In a street-level campaign like this one, volunteers are everything.  And you don’t have to live in SD66 to help out!  Volunteer information is on this page.  The campaign needs help door-knocking, phone banking, placing campaign signs, and all the other jobs that a winning campaign needs done.

The Copeland For Senate site is right here.  He’s also on Facebook and Twitter.  Stay in touch – and please help out.  Minnesota – and Saint Paul, its capitol – don’t need another DFL ticket-puncher in the Senate.

Disclosure:  I’m a volunteer on the Copeland for Senate staff.

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