Do You Remember?

Two years ago, a small number of Tea Partiers carried guns to the rallies.

In every single example, the owners followed applicable state laws; they either had permits for open-carry, or were in states that didn’t restrict open carry of handguns and/or long arms, whichever were applicable.

And for all of the left’s barbering on the subject, not one single episode of violence was ever, not once, pinned to a Tea Partier, save for a single threatening phone call, and that caller’s been convicted.  Not that the left didn’t try; every time a Tea Partier sneexed or looked the wrong way, someone tried to claim there was violence, racism or both. The only actual physical violence involving the Tea Party was carried out by counterprotesters and supporters of liberal congresscritters at Town Hall meetings.

But those Tea Partiers with their guns (which, for the record, I found counterproductive; no sense inflaming your opposition’s most paranoid instincts for no good reason) were legal – with no excpetions that I’m aware of.

Not so much this alleged episode:

Dozens of rounds of live ammunition were found outside the Capitol Thursday morning, law enforcement officials said.

Dane County deputies found 11 rounds near the State street entrance Thursday morning, said UW-Madison Police Chief Susan Riseling. Twenty-nine rounds were found near the King Street entrance, and one round was found near the North Hamilton Street entrance, Riseling said.

Department of Administration lawyer Steven Means is asking that the Capitol be cleared for a security check.

Riseling said all the bullets were 22-caliber long rifle hollow points. Officers were conducting a sweep of the grassy areas and bushes outside the Capitol.

Bear in mind that Wisconsin is one of few states where it is  completely illegal for a civilian to get any carry permit under and circumstances.

So if it’s true – we’ll check back – it means that some pro-union protester is walking around with an utterly illegal firearm.  (Or that some protester is dropping ammo around to freak people out.  Either way…)

18 thoughts on “Do You Remember?

  1. I can’t think of any concealable weapon that could “lose” 41 rounds of ammo from the magazine or cylinder. Even in .22 cal. Most weapons are designed to contain the unused rounds in some condition to fire.

    Now it is possible that someone has a .22 pistol in one pocket, and a double handful of loose ammunition in the other pocket, which has developed a hole in it, due to the excessive weight. Or that someone just has a pocketful of ammunition, without the pistol.

  2. I can’t think of any concealable weapon that could “lose” 41 rounds of ammo from the magazine or cylinder…

    The rare belt-fed M1919A3 in its extremely specialized .22LR chambering?

  3. JPA,

    Yep. And Mossad’s preferred close-in assassination weapon was the little Beretta .22s.

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  5. This IS Wisconsin. Probably a liquored up Packer fan dropped them after busting off a few post the Super Bowl win. Don’t be surprised if a cheapskate Cheesehead comes forward to claim his lost ammo (cuz datz a coupla beerz der, yah hey).
    That said it pays to be paranoid, although after watching the videos on Althouse the paranoia seems to be all on the smelly, sleep deprived, Walker hating left. Come to think of it, after watching “To Surly with Love” over at the Reason blog, it gives reason for the Center and Right to be afraid. Make that – be very afraid.

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  7. I believe WI allows open carry with or without a permit. In Madistan open carry would almost certainly lead to mass hyperventilation and would certainly be noticed by the “Peaceful” teachers.

    Seriously though a box of fifty .22 LR fits easily into a jacket pocket and was probably just forgotten about after last falls hunting season.

  8. ” Probably a liquored up Packer fan …”

    Awwww. Still bitter?

    Good. I hope it gives you reflux for the next year.

  9. The “tolerant” and “peaceful” moonbats that overran the capital building in WI, caused an estimated $7M in damage! I say that we dock every teacher a $1,000 per year, ID all of the students that were there and jack up their tuition an extra few grand and send bills to all of the unions.

  10. Even though I’m a Vikings season ticket owner for over 30 years, I’m not bitter, either.

    I really had a tough time though, because I dislike both teams. The better team did win.

  11. You are correct JPMN, you can Open Carry in WI, but they generally don’t in Madison.

    Madison is where they cited 5 men for Disorderly when they open carried at Culvers…. legally…

    People have been camping out there for weeks… I’m with you.. Ammo fell out from someone’s camping/hunting gear.

  12. Most likely some lefty trying to geta rise out of people. Besides, .22? Come on, that is for shoting cans off a fence. Real conservatives would have something larger.

  13. ” Probably a liquored up Packer fan …”

    Is there any other kind? :^)

    And of course I’m still bitter that the Pack beat Da Bears. Not that Bears fans are terribly more sober than Packer fans, of course….but hey, I’ll cling to my heartburn and bitterness….

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