12 thoughts on “Live The Dream

  1. Disappointed. Those are actual quotes. I was hoping it would be something that threw random words together that might plausibly sound like Sheen said them. Example:

    “Weasels can see through fog. I am superhuman eggplant and winner.”

  2. “Suddenly, I’m not the two-and-a-half man I used to be,
    there’s a shadow hanging over me…”

  3. I can’t help but think that this a Joaquin Phoenix style put on.
    If it is not, God help him.
    Why hasn’t anyone asked Martin Sheen about what is going on? Aside from fatherly concern for Charlie there are his grandchildren to think about.

  4. “Smokin’ hot goddesses factcheck me every night while I dole out the boogers of my winner lifestyle rock star.”

  5. “I am winning the Beiber through the power of my awesome mind.”

    Try it. It’s fun!

  6. “India’s Deccan plateau is one of the fault lines between India’s crushing poverty and its 21st century economic engine.” (Hmm, I guess I’m not very good at capturing the essence of Charlie Sheen.)

  7. “It is not man’s place to question why the universe exists. It is the universe who must ask why man exists. Now score me a rock, beeyotch.”

  8. I love Charlie Sheen.

    His asshat dance is taking all the attention away from the public employee unions pee pants dance in Wisconsin, and it’s making their pointy little heads explode.

    “Slacker college kids papering every vertical surface with Socialist flyers?”


    “Burnt out hippies meditating and chanting?”


    “Bull-chested, half drunk union thugs pushing old people around?”


    “Specious, tear squirting cries of ‘injustice’ and demands for impeachment?”


    “Fleebagging Democrat Senators holed up in luxury hotels being paid for by George Soros?”


    “We’ve got everything going, but where’s CNN?? Wait, what? Charlie Sheen??!?”


  9. Swiftee, I think you could make a reasonable argument that Charlie Sheen is more instructive than most Wisconsin teachers these days.

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