Breaking News that Gives Me Joy

I was in Chicago last week and the papers there were headlining the huge lead Rahm Emanuel has had in Chicago’s mayoral race. The Democratic machine was running at redline to keep their scum at the top of the cesspool that is Chicago politics.

…and then it blew a gasket.

An appeals court said Rahm Emanuel is not allowed to stay on Chicago’s mayoral ballot, a blow to the former White House chief of staff who has already raised more than $10 million in his bid for mayor.

…I think Hillary still has campaign debt. Maybe Rahm could exhibit some chivalry and help a lady out.

The three-judge Illinois Appellate Court, which heard oral arguments last week in the case, issued a split decision Monday afternoon saying that Mr. Emanuel is not eligible to run for mayor. Two of the three judges reversed a lower-court decision that had given him permission to remain on the ballot. One judge dissented.

Lawyers for Mr. Emanuel said last week they will appeal the decision to the Illinois Supreme Court. The state’s high court can decide whether or not to hear the case.

But there may not be time for that…the election is in a month.

Bummer [Cheshire Grin].

11 thoughts on “Breaking News that Gives Me Joy

  1. That’s what happens in IL when the envelope doesn’t get delivered on time. No worries, Daley’s “butler” and “driver” are probably knocking on the doors of the IL Supremes as we speak.

    Rahm will be on the ballot; bet ya $10.

  2. Since when do laws apply to Chicago elections?

    When downstate actually gets a say. It’ll be interesting to see how the IL Supremes rule.

    I gotta say I love it. Rahm was trying to cut his tax bill and wound up cutting his chances at running for Mayor. Crooked is as crooked does.

  3. On the bright side, if Rahm was moving to Illinois to reduce his taxes, he just succeeded by becoming officially unemployed for a while.

    At least until he restarts his used furniture business. I’m told that’s officially tax free in Illinois.

  4. nerdbert Says: “Rahm was trying to cut his tax bill and wound up cutting his chances at running for Mayor.”

    That’s the part most interesting to me. I don’t know how property taxes or income taxes work in IL but a couple questions I might ask.

    Did Rahm file IL income taxes? When?
    Who paid the property tax on the “residence”? The renter, Rahm, or split? Is there a bank paper trail?
    Who took the decuction for property taxes on their income taxes? The renter, or Rahm?

    A little drift here but I’m wondering has anyone seen Oberstar up on the range lately?

  5. I doubt Jim Oberspend will ever return to that ungrateful Congressional district. Look for him on K Street, Washington, D.C.

  6. It is well to remember that if a lib is asked to name all the honest Chicago pols, he or she will name only Obama, and do so without irony.

  7. swiftee, you can collect your $10 from Mitch. It hasn’t even been 24 hours!

    “The Illinois Supreme Court has granted Rahm Emanuel’s stay. Which means he’s back on the ballot.

    Earlier today Emanuel’s spokesman Ben Labolt said the mayoral candidate had plans to turn to the U.S. Supreme Court if he didn’t receive a favorable ruling from the state.

    Not a moment too soon, Burt Odelson directed the board of elections to print Emanuel’s name on ballots, which are being printed today.”

  8. The skids had been well greased, well in advance!! Now if the IL SC should make the decision that the “dead fish” should NOT be on the ballot what are they going to do about all the printed ballots with his name on them? I’ve read that the ballots will be printed today, and they will include Rahm’s name. What a mess they’re going to have.

  9. swiftee, collect your $10 yet? IL SC overturned lower court’s decision and ruled in favour of Rahm.

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