Ohio’s Cinderella Man

By now you’ve seen the viral YouTube video and the media darling it made of Ted Williams.

But is this a true story of redemption or a soon-to-be cautionary tale?

Only time will tell. I’m rooting for him. This guy not so much.

What do you think?

Should The YouTube Guy with God’s Gift of a Voice Get a Second Chance?
Yes. This is how Mitch found Johnny Roosh
No. Columbus would have to find a new Community Organizer
What did you say? I was mesmerized by his sultry smooth articulations.
Check out that penmanship. Maybe he should try blogging instead.
Uh, don’t you mean 7th chance?
Did Bambi’s mother get a second chance?
Hey, if Dick Clark can do it…
Yes, but who will save the mime on 6th and Hennepin?
Where’s Oprah when you need her?
No, isn’t this is how we found Mark Dayton?
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11 thoughts on “Ohio’s Cinderella Man

  1. I have another take on this guy. He is not a homeless guy with a great voice, he is a trained announcer who blew his life due to drugs. Give him another chance? Sure. Give him a new house and a high paying job? The meth dealers of Cleveland are lining up right now to service this guy.

  2. What’s the big deal. They’re only paying the guy three shopping carts full of deposit cans a month.

  3. All I know is, when I first saw a picture of the guy all cleaned up I thought “Wow, Norm Coleman really let himself go after losing to Franken.”

  4. I’ve enlarged & enhanced the writing on the cardboard:
    So that is settled. He is not homeless because he is a substance abuser, he has a job, it is just that the job is in radio.
    The rest is just gibberish about minimum wage being a lifesaver and the observation that all station managers are alcoholic womanizers and wife beaters. Also I think he salutes his high school AV club.

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