Jamie Lee: You Lie!

I know this is a bit off the radar for SITD but I don’t know of many television commercials more absurd; more ridiculous; more annoying than those yogurt commercials where Jamie Lee Curtis pounces on chipper but apparently constipated passers by all too willing to sample yogurt that’s way too yummy to be formulated to assist you in “cleaning our your accounts payable.”

(…and yes, that’s an arrow pointing to a woman’s crotch)

As if the spots weren’t aggravating enough, it turns out they were bogus. Who can imagine a world where a delicious magical milky pudding that helps you “drop off the kids” and keeps you safe from the common cold…is just a fairy tale?

The U.S. unit of French food giant Danone S.A. agreed to settle state and federal investigations into alleged false advertising about the health benefits of its Activia yogurt and DanActive dairy drinks for $21 million, federal officials announced Wednesday.

The Federal Trade Commission said Dannon, a unit of French food and bottled waters company Danone, will drop claims that its Activia yogurt and dairy products will help prevent colds or alleviate digestive problems. The company wasn’t immediately available for comment.

Well we know it’s not because they were in the bathroom.

Good to know the FTC has the time and resources to care…let alone investigate the claims that Activia helps you “lay down the law.”

I would expect no less than ten additional references to “boweling for dollars” in the comments section. Thank you in advance.

And now, something totally different:

11 thoughts on “Jamie Lee: You Lie!

  1. Mrs Golfdoc took Activia once and thought she was going to die. Maybe it can be substituted for the drug cocktail used in lethal injections. No wait. That would truly be cruel and unusual punishment.

  2. OH, who’s gonna get that Krackel Dackel for Foot for Christmas? :^)

    (we can swap out the fake stuff for REAL……)

    If only Activia could help one doo one’s dooty…..

  3. Let me say that no product should make false claims. If Activia can’t prove it helps your digestive tract, then it should not make the claim. That said, my spouse – ever the thrifty consumer – purchased some Activia because she had a coupon. She had a cup each day for roughly two weeks and did indeed report that her bowels were in fact moved. So much so that she said she would not try the product again due to the frequent calls of nature she experienced.

  4. Sorry, would have been here earlier but I had to “drop the kids off at the pool”. What did I miss?

    I don’t know if any of you used to or still do listen to the other AM station in the twin cities that USED to be a conservative talk station, and the one afternoon drive time host whose shtick was being the mayor of a fictional town dealing with intellectual processes in the vehicular storage building. Way back many years ago, there was a scandal involving some suburban mayor in Eagan or Apple Valley or Inver Grove Heights, somewhere down there. She brought her kids to the municipal pool and expected that since she was mayor, that her children were able to swim for free. Much municipal grumbling and grousing ensued. The fictional radio mayor was discussing this issue when someone called and said “I don’t know what the big deal is, she was just dropping her kids off at the pool!”. The host took about 10 seconds to catch what was just said, and then proceeded to be consumed by his trademark honking gales of laughter for about 5 minutes, and could not say a word. It was one of the most entertaining segments of his show I have heard. Second only to his broadcasting “The Crepitation Contest” http://oldtimeradio-in-tx.homedns.org/otr/crepitation%20contest/

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