Multicultural Limerick

A would-be satirist named Alfonso,
who though having an impaired sense of meter, tried his hand at limericks.
Though he’d learned English in adulthood
and was slow in grasping the concept of “Rhyme” or “Rhythm” in this foreign language,
he chose an editor who was easily intimidated.

14 thoughts on “Multicultural Limerick

  1. Sir, I know limericks, I’ve worked with limericks. That’s no limerick.
    (I know, I know, that was the point, I just couldn’t resist the Lloyd Bentson reference.)

  2. I have just completed an exhaustive, multisourced factcheck and conclude that Kermit is correct; that is not multicultural.

  3. Penigma once tried limerick prose
    But endless twaddle is all that he knows
    By the time he was done
    He was as old as the sun
    And his audience had all decomposed

  4. Dog Gone also tried for limerick gold
    She went off topic, or so I am told
    She went on off-logic attack
    And attempted threadjack
    It was all very sad to behold

  5. Penigma’s lack of a limerick gift
    Stems from not having humor or thrift
    He just can’t stop talking
    Oh! The endless damned squawking!
    His prose moves like continental drift

  6. There once was a blogger named steve
    whose neighbors houses at he was peeved
    he videotaped from a car
    thinking about where they are
    thinking all day why can’t that be me

  7. Mitch, if you are using the Japanese form, should not be, Ponder the irony;
    Me and my “Engrish” BA
    in Japanese form

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