The Weight of it All

By now you have seen the video and national coverage of the Metrodome’s roof collapse. It didn’t take long for the media to speculate that an act of God is his vote for a new Vikings stadium.

The Vikings have been pushing for a new stadium for years without success. So far today, they have been silent on what this collapse means for their stadium wishes, perhaps deciding the best strategy is to let the event speak for itself.

The roof collapse says one thing and one thing only: a foot and a half of snow weighs a lot.

The only thing more ridiculous than a blizzard indicating the Vikings should get a new and presumably taxpayer-subsidized stadium without a roof, for ten games in Minnesota, is the fact that TCF stadium sits idle every Sunday already. Here’s something that really speaks for itself: there is talk of moving the upcoming Chicago game to TCF while the dome undergoes repairs.

TCF stadium is a wonderful facility and should have been designed and built in partnership with the Vikings. The fact that both shared the Metrodome without interference should have been a clue.

Maybe the Vikes and Gophers will get one now.

5 thoughts on “The Weight of it All

  1. The wonderful irony of the situation is this: The very thing which was to allow the Queens to play in inclement weather (i.e. the roof) is the very thing which prevents them from playing in inclement weather. Ha! So let’s spend another 600 million to have another facility designed by some idiot who doesn’t know how much snow weighs, or how hard the wind blows (which calculation may now have to be changed given our new Governor).

  2. The Missus and I were discussing this yesterday while watching the Patriots pummel, thrash, whip, cudgel, and eventually mock the Bears. We couln’t think of one other NFL dome that hasn’t been replaced besides this ugly piece of Teflon that should have never been built.

  3. If the Queens do manage to pull off a publicly subsidized open air stadium, I’ll bet $5 that A) the Stadium will be built in such a manner that future addition of a retractable roof will be an option, and B) they’ll be clamoring for one within 5 years after it opens.

  4. “…they’ll be clamoring for one within 5 years after it opens.”

    What in the world makes you think it would take that long? Five months is more likely.

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