Miss LaFontaine Goes To Lansing

I love this story; a 23 year old waitress is  on her way to the Michigan state legislature:

Diane Okay and Betty Turk were enjoying coffee after a lunch of fish and spinach pie at Ken’s Country Kitchen when they found out their 23-year-old waitress is a state representative-elect.

After a moment of stunned silence, Okay expressed her approval: “Good for her.”

Still, she was a bit skeptical, saying she thought Andrea LaFontaine is a bit young to understand some of the problems Michiganians face.

“I have a son that age, and looking at it from the standpoint of a mother, she doesn’t have a lot of life experience at 23,” Okay said.

Still, if you watch the video (follow the link), Miss LaFontaine has a better understanding of economics than, say, Minnesota’s probable governor-elect and his entire party.

LaFontaine, a Central Michigan University student, beat three other Republicans in the August primary before winning the 32nd District seat over Democratic incumbent Jennifer Haase in the November election.

LaFontaine will be one of the youngest legislators to be sworn into office Jan. 1. Also taking the oath will be 24-year-old Republican Frank Foster of Pellston, who won the 107th District seat vacated by term-limited Democrat Rep. Gary McDowell of Rudyard.

Better yet, when Miss LaFontaine goes to Lansing, she will be a gratifyingly conservative voice of sanity in a state that needs it even more desperately than Minnesota.  Not just because she’s a conservative – although that is the building block of all worthwhile legislators – but because she’s not part of the professional political class.  She’s one of The People.

More of this, please.

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  1. Wow, a 23 yr. old (who beat out 4 opponents!), and a 24 yr. old, maybe there’s some hope for the future. Some of the younger ones have more on the ball than some of those who can only claim to have “life experience “.

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