You Better Be Sick

It might amaze you that even in this flaccid employment market, some workers choose to gamble their job.

Rick Raymond parked his black Kia SUV behind a row of trees and peered out at his target. It was 4 a.m. on a recent morning, and Raymond—a seasoned private detective who has worked roughly 300 cases, from thieves to philandering spouses—was closing in on a different sort of prey.

Playing hooky without getting caught—as immortalized in the cat-and-mouse skirmish between Ferris Bueller and Principal Rooney in Ferris Bueller’s Day Off—used to be an adolescent rite of passage. Now it has given rise to a thriving industry, with stern legal precedent to back it up.

…and that industry, the surveillance they conduct and the terminations that are a result are backed by legal precedent – you sue you lose.

But what do you think?

Should employers be able to surveil employees suspected of playing hookey?
Yes. If you’re stupid enough to play hookey in this job market you deserve to be fired
Yes but you shouldn’t be fired if it was for something legit like a Vikings Packers game
I support it completely as I’m waiting for someone to get fired so I can get a job
No, employers have no right to surveil my behavior when I’m not at work
No and if your guy comes to my door I’m going to blow his head off
I want the job of the guy sitting in the blacked out SUV. Sounds like fun free polls

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