That Lagging Bush Economy

Oh, woe is we:

Well, well, well … 166,000 new jobs. Twice the consensus view. Did somebody say Goldilocks? Did somebody say the greatest story never told?

Silly Larry.  That’s what gatekeepers are for.  If this news actually got out, Democrats’d have to work to get elected.

Here’s the key point: Outside the struggling financial and consumer discretionary sectors, the economy is firing on all cylinders. Economy-wide profits are up a smoldering 15 percent in the third quarter when you remove these two laggards. And in addition to today’s robust, expansionary jobs number, GDP blew away forecasts earlier this week, coming in a hair shy of 4 percent. (For the record, this represents the biggest back-to-back quarterly gain in four years.) This means healthy American businesses are generating jobs. Meanwhile, hardworking American workers are out there spending money, with real, disposable, after-tax, after-inflation income running around 4 percent — a big number.

I’ll await the DFLer claims that raising taxes would make things ever better.

4 thoughts on “That Lagging Bush Economy

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  2. Buzz: Read King on the subject and get back to me:

    Why we remain unimpressed

    Its about the economic reality and understanding the current state of it. I think Mitch pulled the trigger on this one a little quicker than he would have liked.

    There are things going on in the economy that are encouraging, and others that are disheartening. To take the traditional pre holiday Jobs Blip that caught some people off guard and harp it as “I told you so” is unreasonable.


  3. I think Mitch pulled the trigger on this one a little quicker than he would have liked.

    Economies have ups and downs. It’s not only inevitable, but it’s good for the economy (although, as I found out to my chagrin in 2003, not necessarily good for individuals’ stress levels).

    the Bush economy is not recession proof, nor should it be. Just replying to those who’ve been naysayers all along…

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