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The story was presented without comment – three Minnesota county attorneys “blasted” the Emmer campaign and  GOP’s  request for vote reconciliation, the process which is required by state law which we discussed last week.

Hennepin County election officials argued that being forced to undertake a count of voter signatures, as Republicans want, would “add confusion, delay, and uncertainty in the service of an exceedingly suspect goal of randomly removing properly cast ballots of fully eligible voters.”

That’d be the Hennepin County Attorney’s office run by former DFL gubernatorial hopeful Mike Freeman.

Ramsey County officials called the GOP argument “fundamentally flawed” and based on “obsolete” information.

That’d be the Ramsey County attorney’s office, run by former DFL gubernatorial hopeful Susan Gaertner.

In Hennepin County, auditor Jill Alverson told the court that “randomly disenfranchising eligible voters after the fact is a statutory remedy that should be used only in the narrowest of circumstances and then only after careful, transparent and deliberate study.”

Other than that whole it’s the freaking law business, anyway.

16 thoughts on “Irrelevant And In The Way

  1. These lefties are absolutely unbelieveble in their hypocrisy!

    Since they advocate breaking the law, they should appear all the more guilty to sane people, but, I digress…lefties are not sane people.

  2. I have to repeat myself. I believe in democracy. I don’t trust Minnesota’s election process. I’m not alone.
    That’s a problem. The DFL doesn’t care, but then that’s no surprise. The only thing the DFL cares about is power.

  3. Other than that whole it’s the freaking law business, anyway.

    Laws are for little people.

  4. Has it occurred to these nattering ninnies that, if they hadn’t stuffed the ballot box to begin with, they wouldn’t have to pull them back out? And pulling them back out at random actually allows most of these fraudulent ballots to be counted! What are they complaining about? If I were the Secretary of State, or the judge ruling on the law, I would require that every attempt be made to remove the fraudulent ballots first, and THEN do a reconcile. I believe those fraudulent ballots can be identified, and only in the case where they cannot be id’ed would I want to remove ballots at random.

  5. something tells me were in for a huge voter flip. If they were confident about their prospects the DFL wouldn’t have just hired Franken’s recount team. I think we can win this after all.

  6. If we have to provide photo ID in order to fly and be frisked by TSA, why not require photo ID for voting?
    It’s way too easy to manipulate votes under the present system.

  7. The DFL is conceding by their actions that there is something amiss with elections, especially in left-leaning counties and precincts. Hopefully the Emmer team makes the legal case clear, and then it will be fun to watch the fur and feathers fly.

    Whether or not Emmer wins, to make it clear that the DFL is manipulating polling places would be priceless.

  8. What MoN said.

    I know there was a large number of Dayton-only ballots in Henco and Ramco, but that in and of itself isn’t fraudulent. Grounds for diminisched capacity, perhaps.

    So how do you identify fraudulent ballots?

  9. Here’s how you might identify fraudulent ballots; if the # of Dayton-only ballots corresponds well with the # of over-votes, you could infer that the Dayton-only ballots are the fraudulent ones.

    Not easy, not provided for in the law, but if there were such an unlikely coincidence, it would demonstrate very clearly that someone in the DFL was coordinating a Daley-style ballot box stuffing campaign.

    Speaking of which, it’s about time to take a look at how many dead people voted, too, eh?

  10. Me thinks that the Communist Party of MN, I mean DFL party of MN, doth protest too much!

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