Election Integrity Watch

I’m at the Election Integrity Watch headquarters in Roseville. 

Events so far: 

  • Plenty of calls about broken scanners: There seems to be an epidemic of election judges claiming the machines are broken, and honest, they’ll store the ballots under the machines ’til later; five counties so far.  This is ludicrous; these machines were supposed to have been tested last night!  If you run into this, make sure that your precinct has a partisan poll-watcher (a GOP as well as a DFL one) to watch the ballots.  There needs to be one from each party!  If you run into a “broken machine” and there are not poll watchers from your party present to safeguard the chain of custody for your ballot, you need to call the Election Integrity Watch hotline: 877-602-9282.
  • Apparel: While the regional leftybloggers have  been caterwauling about a federal judge denying a restraining order against denying people with Election Watch buttons and t-shirts from entering the polls, a federal judge in Arizona has apparently granted a nearly identical restraining order.   We have a few reports of people being told to remove or cover up Tea Party or Republican t-shirts; rumor has it there are a few “comparitive tests” going on with people walking in with SEIU/ACORN/Obamaware on, right before people with Tea Party duds.  We’ll see what happens.   One respondent says he walked into a polling station in Maplewood.  No rules were posted.  Two election judges said nothing; a third walked up to him as he was voting and asked him to cover up; “all it takes is one take and we get in trouble”. 
  • Sock Puppet: An “Attorney” named Dann Dobson, portraying himself as a Republican activist, talked his way into the Minnesota Majority office.  Now, if you follow Saint Paul ultra-left politics, you know Dann Dobson is no Republican.  The word got around; Dobson was turned away after his rather curious little attempt to infiltrate the call center.
  • Pre-marked ballot: We have a report from a voter in the north suburbs saying he got a ballot with Lori Swanson and Tarryl Clark pre-marked for him.  The voter is coming in to swear out an affadavit.  More as the situation warrants.  UPDATE:  This is being forwarded to the Anoka County Sheriff and the Anoka County Attorney.  UPDATE 2: The election judge is claiming that the pre-marked ballot was really a spoiled ballot that was “inadvertently” put back into the pile.  The attorney in the room says “look for a bunch more “spoiled ballots””.  UPDATE 3: It’s 1PM, and the complainant is here, filling out his affadavit.
  • Intimidation?: A group of students at Saint Olaf is standing directly outside the polling station pressing people for their voting choices, basically acting like and/or pretending to be exit pollsters.  We’re speculating it’s just a bunch of students on a project, rather than engaged in any foul play – but action is being taken to get them moved.
  • Coercion: We are getting multiple reports of buses full of senior citizens being driven to the polls, and being urged or coerced to vote DFL.  More as details emerge.  UPDATE:  It’s one report from Golden Valley, so far.  IT was a bus full of voters from a nursing home.  The investigation is underway. 
  • Insecure Storage: We have two allegations, now, of ballots being stored insecurely; the official “overflow” storage is part of the optical scanner, and it holds about thirty ballots.  As the number of ballots backing up due to the broken-down scanners (see above) increases, ballots are being stored in any old kind of cardboard box that is available.   “This is very serious”, says Jeff Davis of the Minnesota Majority.

I”ll be updating this while I”m in the call center.  If you see any election irregularities – any of them – call 877-602-9282.

7 thoughts on “Election Integrity Watch

  1. Voted about an hour ago in Precinct 18. Good turn out, as I waited in line for 20 minutes to vote, with ballot number 454.

    Neighbor (and campaigner for Pat Mazerol) working the poll. She reports no scanner issues, but the Precinct Captain attemped to man the registration table with just Demonrats, until she objected. He was pissed off at being challenged, but after a young DFL supporting college student backed her up, she prevailed. She also added that there are an even number of both parties represented, including one Independent.

  2. Mrs. D voted in New Brighton P-1 around 11. Very heavy turnout — all the stands were filled and some voters were at tables — already nearly 1000 votes cast. She didn’t see anything out of the ordinary. I’m going to be voting after work.

  3. “I’m at the Election Integrity Watch headquarters in Roseville.”
    “I”ll be updating this while I”m in the call center.”

    Very nice!

  4. Apparently, the reports of malfunctioning scanners are coming in from all over the stete.

    It is blatantly clear that Mark Ritchie violated MN election laws to test all machines and verify results before polls opened. In my mind, grounds for immediate termination and prosecution!

    Whether intentional or not, even our resident lefties can’t condone this situation and have to admit that this is wrong. If not, well, their opinions and comments will lose even more credibility.

  5. Chad, good one!

    The pushing of nursing home citizens being used to vote Democrat…..I think this is much more common then you think. I mentioned yesterday about the absentee ballot case in Eau Claire.

  6. I learned from CBS radio election coverage that the opposite of the GOP agenda of “lower taxes and less government” is the democrat agenda of “fighting for the little guy”.

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