The Two Faces Of John Choi

Among the maze of down-ticket races on my ballot is the Ramsey County Attorney race.

The race currently pits John Choi – a higher-up at the Saint Paul City Attorney’s office, and therefore part of the Saint Paul DFL machine, and hand-picked successor to former DFL gubernatorial hopeful Susan Gaertner – against David Schultz, who takes pains to point out that he is not the same Dave Schultz who is the poli-sci professor at Hamline University.

Schultz points out something interesting in a campaign email:

On some of [Choi’s] lawn signs in the city, he displays his DFL endorsement; on his lawn signs in the suburbs, he does not. In the literature he sends to Democrats he prominently displays his DFL endorsement and quotes Mayor Chris Coleman; in his literature sent to others, he conceals the DFL endorsement and his ties to the party.

Schultz points out…:

I send the same literature to everyone – Democrat, Republican, and Independent. I don’t change who I am depending on my audience.

Is it a sign that the DFL brand is past its shelf-life in the ‘burbs?

We’ll find out tomorrow.

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