Chanting Points Memo: All Moo, No Cow

It’s been two months now that the Twin CAdd Videoities and national left has been flexing its proverbial muscles over Target’s donation to MNForward.

It got to the point over the summer where the Twin Cities left and media (pardon the redundancy) thought they’d made a huuuuuge dent on Target’s market capitalization.

Indeed even today you can read leftybloggers chortling “Omigod, I have to go to Target!  I feel teh icky! LOLCATZ”, and hear about Big Gay staging protests at Targets all over the country, and even throwing “Flashmobs”, which seems to be something the kids today call “big groups of noisy douchebags”, at Target stores.

Because Target – one of the most socially liberal, with-it, pr0-gay companies in American business, dared to donate to a politician who’d support the interests of Minnesota businesses.  Because they hate gays, we’re supposed to believe.

Target must be really hurting.  Right?

Not so much:

Blue is Target.  Red is the Dow.

Target was already at a low due to bad consumer confidence numbers at that point (the week before July 23 or so).

So  how did Target’s performance stack up next to companies that, ahem, don’t “hate gays?”  Companies like Dollar Tree (darker blue), Family Dollar (Green), Costco (yellow) and Target (the lighter blue)?

Costco apparently hates gays even more!  And board at WalMart were apparently riding in the Pride Parade on a gigantic motorized sex aid wearing leather S and M wear!

Or perhaps it’s simpler than that; perhaps Big Gay and the left aren’t nearly as powerful as they think, and Target is doing juuuuust fine, with or without protests.

6 thoughts on “Chanting Points Memo: All Moo, No Cow

  1. they’re doing so well that they are pledging $500 million exclusively to literacy programs
    Target shifts focus of giving to literacy

    While this focus on literacy was undoubtedly in the works for months, one of the issues they were likely negotiating was “how much to other established grantees and how much to the literacy program?”. When Big Gay and the left attacked them it made it easy to strip all other organizations of grants and in an incontestably smart and effective PR move grant all their largess to one program.

  2. kel;

    Well done!

    I don’t see the protests any more, so hopefully, the morons staging them realized that “resistance is futile” (insert belly laugh here). It still boggles my mind that lefties think that they matter, when their elected officials continually illustrate that they don’t! Maybe some of that literacy money can be directed towards…never mind!

    But, just to be sure, I go there at least once per week to buy something.

  3. Economic boycotts like the one organized against Target are best described as incontinence while wearing a dark suit. You get a warm feeling and nobody notices.

  4. A) I specfically went to Target today (instead of Rainbow….a union store…and Wal-mart) due to the lefty hatefest.

    B) As usually, it was very busy.

  5. The proper term to describe them is “the Gaystapo”. After all, both Nazi’s and the gay lobby have fetishes for leather and wipes.

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